He likes it

And so do I. It’s not technically finished. But the good thing about crochet is you’re pretty much always cast-off. So for now, it’s a knee blanket. And it’s finished (it’s folded over in the photo and is bigger than it looks).


Oscar has even switched beds just for it.

In other news, it would appear I’m going back to LBi for a bit longer. So much for last day at work then ๐Ÿ™‚







16 responses to “He likes it”

  1. melissa avatar

    i liked coming along with you to work the other day- it looks like a nice place. i suppose that means more crocheting on the train, then?
    that blanket is beautiful. your colour choices are perfect as always. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Creature of Habit avatar

    Boooo! What? That’s a rugpull….they better pay well! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Thimbleina avatar

    The blanket is gorgeous, I love the colours

  4. Olga avatar

    I really love the colors!

  5. kimberlee avatar

    oh beautiful, your hands must be tired. I have never thought of crocheting a whole blanket before, but I like the idea…. did you use a pattern or just the normal crochet the whole way through?

  6. sandra avatar

    your blanket looks fabulous! love the colours you’ve picked!

  7. Shinykatie avatar

    Lovely! My cat is having the same fun with the blanket I’m making – which is also currently a nice knee blanket.

  8. caroline avatar

    I love how cats ALWAYS can find the newest, comfy-est blanket in the house! Seems all our blankies are light colored, and our cat, unfortunately, is black!

    Sorry you’ll be working a bit longer, when you were counting on being finished. That has to be disappointing.

  9. charlotte avatar

    oh! i wouldn’t be going back if I didn’t want to.


  10. amy avatar

    it looks so adorable!

  11. tricia avatar

    I love those colors! What type of yarn are you using?

  12. charlotte avatar

    hi tricia, I’m using savannah dk from Loop.

  13. Alison avatar

    I love how your cat colour coordinates perfectly.

  14. Jeska avatar

    Such a great colourway, cosy Autumn stripes.

  15. hrsj avatar

    your color choices are stunning and your cat is quite handsome!

  16. Patricia avatar

    Hi, really love your blanket. What stitch are using, treble, or double crochet. Also areyou doing UK or American crochet?
    I noticed you said that you are using DK wool, so are you using a 4mm hook?
    Really love the colours.

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