A drop of summer

Sunday was perfect. Beautiful and cloudless. Warm but not hot.

Up early and out for breakfast. A long walk on the heath. A tired child who will sleep. Fruit for lunch. A day for knitting. A day for quiet. Cats outside playing. Time to cook. Time for reading. Time for more knitting.


A perfect, lovely, long day.






6 responses to “A drop of summer”

  1. melissa avatar

    sounds delicious! astrid and kevin look happy to be on the grass, in the sunshine.

  2. sandra avatar

    these days are the best 🙂

  3. hanna avatar

    yep,that does sound perfect

  4. Pauline avatar

    oooh its new! I like it!

  5. kimberlee avatar

    sounds perfect

    good to see your family, but I never see you!

  6. kimberlee avatar

    also WSW mag is out, so I can’t remember if I was getting one for you or not (we went back and forth) so let me know if you need help in that department.

    its on our blog right now too!

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