Knitting classes at Loop

 After much waiting and counting down, knitting classes at Loop began this weekend. This was my third time lucky attempt at booking knitting classes over the years – and I must say it’s £75 very well spent and it was worth the wait. So exciting was the prospect that I’d actually got a spot, I also booked Polly in before even asking if she wanted to go.


We learnt so much in our first two hours; how to read abbreviations and patterns, the joys of addi turbos, basic shaping and K1, sl1, K1, psso. Wow, and we can now cast on without creating a frilly mess along the bottom of all knitted items.

We met some great people and spent far too much time talking and laughing. Classes at Loop are always such fun! And then at the end of we all get to go back upstairs and spend utter fortunes on pretty yarns for stash building. There’s just something about Loop. It’s got a little bit of magic that really makes you want to take some home with you every visit. Which reminds me, I need to go and spend some time with my new yarns.

Can’t wait for next week – Fair Isle, Aran and knitting in the round.






6 responses to “Knitting classes at Loop”

  1. Kristine avatar

    I think you’re so lucky to do a class at Loop. It look like the most divine knitting shop on the planet if their website is anything to go by. Enjoy the next class.

  2. Concetta avatar

    It was great to meet you in the class on Saturday. And what fun! Really looking forward to next week.
    Damn work! Just want to sit and knit now…Concetta

  3. Zoe avatar

    oh you lucky devil going to knitting class!

    I’m going to my local knitting shop to ask them to help me!!! I’m fine with the different stitches, casting on and even following a pattern, it’s the finishing and sewing up that gets me.

  4. hanna avatar

    Fun! I’ve just found 4 x 2.5mm double-pointed needles at the opp shop and I’m going to try knitting some socks – though I have no idea what I’m doing and really should be at a knitting class too!

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