Here we are, Kimberlee

Another gorgeous London weekend. Yesterday, the last day of Summer, we walked all the way up to the top of the Heath and back down to Hampstead, looking for a coat for little Miss A. Don’t get me started on people in shops telling me, “oh, but those are girl’s boots”. I am not dressing Astrid in pink bloody tulle skirts and sparkly choking hazard hairclips. No way. We did buy her a little yellow raincoat for Autumn from Petit Bateau – so cute!


I cut her hair on Saturday morning. The last fringe cut made her look decidedly like she’d just stepped out of a commune so a bit of a bob was called for. I love it – especially now she’s looking quite like some of Yoshitomo Nara’s characters.

The other day I was reading Olga’s blog where she asks about any clothes you’ve had that have really lasted. I’ve been racking my brains all week but not come up with anything. If sunglasses counted however I’d vote these in. I bought them ten years ago on the Kings Road. Lovely timeless Persols. They’ve seen a two pairs of Chanels and one pair of Chloes come and go.







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  1. lottie avatar

    yes! my first thought was yoshimoto nara when i saw this photo. that’s a lovely haircut for astrid.

  2. olga avatar

    this is fantastic! I can’t believe it actually! I destroy sunglasses pretty quickly, I even stopped buying any that cost more then 10 dollars 🙂 (hello op shops!)

    yoshitomo nara!!! yes, yes, yes, definitely
    so cute!!

  3. annax avatar

    Her haircut looks lovely!! I agree with the pink stuff for girls, I have three girls myself, and it is not happening. I can’t say I dare to cut their hair though…. so instead I just let it grow. And two of them can nearly sit on it 🙂 And besides, if I try to cut it, they’ll kill me….


  4. Mel avatar

    LOL about the ‘girls boots’ – my girl is now 12 and doesn’t like wearing ‘girly’ clothes. She also prefers her hair shortish (it’s very curly and gets tangled easily) and EVEN NOW people think she is a boy! I think it’s the hair – over here in NZ most girls have long hair, people just see the short hair and think – boy.

    Astrid looks really cute!

  5. Clare avatar

    Its great to see you guys. Astrid’s hair is so cute. But I’m telling you once the develop an opinion about clothes and see what their school friends are wearing…hee hee…be prepared to buy some pink…Its awful, because they just want to look the same “Stepford wifish”, you can’t fight it forever, lol.

    Hope you’re doing well, much love, ClareX

  6. Alison avatar

    A’s facial expression is classic.
    I know who runs your house 🙂
    I’ll keep making her clothes – look out for the pink collection, coming soon….

  7. hanna avatar

    that is the cutest expression on her face :o)
    Isla’s been called a boy many a time because she’s not in pink from head to toe. Probably doesn’t help that she still has no hair!

  8. Yvonne avatar

    Hello you two :o)

    She does look like a Yoshitomo Nara’s character – it’s almost scary.

  9. Jennifer avatar

    My first thought was Miyazaki’s Ponyo!

    Very cute. Shoe shopping is always fun.

  10. Zoe avatar

    hello lovelies! she does look like one of Yoshitomo Nara’s little people 🙂

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