A much better photo

I really don’t like the photo I put up of me last week, but Astrid’s Yoshitomo Nara character likeness just had to be recorded.


Anyway, here we are again. Sat in front of the computer, pretending nobody’s taking a photo. Hilarious!






12 responses to “A much better photo”

  1. marion avatar

    hi, you cuties!

  2. hanna avatar

    Great photo, I’m too wimpy to put a photo of me on my blog. I don’t have many photos of myself actually, I’m always on the other side of the camera!

  3. kirsten avatar

    how funny is all the background action?! hysterical.
    [love the cheeky tongue]

  4. charlotte avatar

    oh! that’s astrid’s dummy!
    it does look like a tongue doesn’t it 🙂

  5. caroline avatar

    That is so funny! And I love the cat climbing the ladder.

  6. tommy avatar

    Now if I run into you and Astrid in our neighborhood, I can recognise you!

  7. Esther avatar

    Love it, you are grinning and bearing it, Astrid is just grinning and the cat, well the cat has just had enough! I’m with Hanna, hate photos of mysef so me thinks you are very brave 🙂

  8. kimberlee avatar

    ha ha ha!

    I miss you guys, I am glad kitty jumped into the shot!

  9. di avatar

    Lovely snap shot. So nice to see you on the blog!!

  10. Jeska avatar

    Astrid is such a treat! That cheeky little face.

    Beautiful cardigan in your previous post too. Hope you are enjoying your time at home. Looks like you both are : )

  11. JenniferZ avatar

    Astrid does look like Nara used her as his model and inspiration! How adorable, and how funny!

  12. sandii avatar

    theres that toungue again. or is that her dummy. so cute you look very good

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