In love with yarn

Because of my obsessive nature there are now one and a half Loop bags full of yarn on my desk. Because I am my mother’s daughter I ordered the last of the Pear Tree sale yarns that I’ve been slowly collecting. And because it’s just so so beautiful I had to photograph it all right away and stash it in ravelry.


Astrid’s been ill most of the week. This time with a tummy bug and god it’s been hard work. I am absolutely drop dead exhausted and have spent most of the morning regaining my strength, organising paperwork for maternity leave, building a shop (not mine – although I am thinking about my shop, again), drinking earl grey tea and wondering where on earth the day has gone.

Knitting and Stitching show on this weekend but I’m just too lazy to go. And in other knitting news, the Knitting Goddess does some lovely semi-solids and lace-weight cashmere.



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6 responses to “In love with yarn”

  1. hanna avatar

    oh dear, I know how you feel, you poor thing, I had that week last week. I hope wee Astrid is back to her happy self soon. Beautiful wool!

  2. Clare avatar

    Aww, hope Astrid’s on the mend. Take good care, clareX

  3. caroline avatar

    Poor Astrid! And really poor you!

    Hope you and baby chops are feeling well.

    GORGEOUS yarn. I LOVE yarn…even if I can’t use it. (see “I can’t knit”)

  4. Emily S. avatar

    What a lovely photo.

    I hope Astrid is back to her spunky self. 🙂

  5. michelle avatar

    Hope the lurgy leaves you soon.

    LOVE that photo. Amazing how, what is essentially a very long piece of string, can leave you yearning isn’t it. I want that one. It’s your fault. 😛

  6. kirsten avatar

    can so relate to all of your post!
    love yarn and i want it all. and i want it now!
    and i have sick children… and i have been coughing so hard myself i have strained my ‘intercostal’ muscles in my back/rib area. ripper.

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