Little gumboots

and other random thoughts for today


Little chopsie boots from mini boden

There’s been more raglan jumper knitting going on. I was over cautious with the neck on the one I sized up for Astrid though, so I’ve gathered it up with some linen cord while I wait for my eBay elastic purchases to arrive. (I went to order elastic and some lovely leather and bamboo buttons from MacCullogh and Wallis but I went to check out and their postage is a flat £7.50 – Loop has been spoiling me with their honest and precise postage costs). 


The sleeves are super long, for folding back and growing into. As is the super wide neck. Mostly I make Astrid’s things far too big. We’ve recently been marvelling she’s been in the same pyjamas for over a year now. Time for new ones though now.

And time to knit another raglan too. The current one’s newborn size (in the pear tree 8 ply blush) so much much quicker to knit up. I’m working on a raglan smock dress too for Astrid. Then I think we’ll be set for winter clothes. Possibly. Apart from the felt coat. And the grey jersey knit long sleeved smock dress. And the new pyjamas.

Also some jolly good news for us regulars at, as of today free delivery is for all orders over £5. Think I can manage that then. Family Knits has been reduced so I might have to get myself a copy of that.

This week too, I couldn’t resist getting one of these for Astrid for Christmas. Although I think it might have to live in my study for now. As will one of these calendars that arrived today. I’ve bought a few for Christmas presents, although buggeration the pound has gone down bringing to a grinding halt all overseas purchases for now (that statement is half possibly a lie).



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5 responses to “Little gumboots”

  1. Cynthia avatar

    Those boots are cute and I really like the raglan jumper. I’ve been thinking about getting the Family Knits book also to do some Christmas present making. I suppose I better get to it.

  2. Emily S. avatar

    Oooh! Those boots are as cute as a button.

  3. Allison avatar

    *I* want boots like that. I’ve seen lots of fancy adult wellies, but they’re all so sober and serious… nothing as cute as these.

  4. Jen avatar

    Lovely, lovely sweater. I’m in love. hope all is well!

  5. sandii avatar

    ooooooh my god I luuuuuv that jumper

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