Growing up

Oooh, Astrid’s going to love having a little baby sister all of her own. At Lorraine’s – her childminder’s – she loves it when baby Orlando is there. She helps change nappies, fetch wipes from the buggy and generally hangs around waiting to help wherever she can.


flora and henri long sleeve tee
mor mor rita cashmere halter neck
6.5st circle skirt

We’re starting to get the odd word here and there. On Friday it was ‘bin’. Yesterday we got ‘I like that’ and today, nothing. We’re sure her first proper word will be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (perhaps if we remove the dummy she’ll speak).

I must confess I often wish I had me-versions of Astrid’s clothes. It’s very country-ish where we live so going out in cable knit tights, lambskin boots and a few layers doesn’t look at all out of place. But sometimes I think I dress just a little bit too much like Helena Bohnham Carter (who incidentally also lives around here) so I’m just itching to go on maternity leave (hurry up) and use some of that gorgeous Linnet fabric I’ve been salting away.


Kevin’s back to work tomorrow. He’s been off sick all of last week, following the preceeding week where Astrid had gastro. On Friday afternoon we walked across the Heath to Swain’s Lane, where they have such things as a greengrocer, a butcher, a wineshop, an organic food shop and even a flower shop. And two cafés. One with grouchy staff and quite good cake and one with nice staff where they have delicious fresh red-currant cheesecake.

Yes. Red-currants. My favourite berries. Ever.







8 responses to “Growing up”

  1. Lindy avatar

    she does look very sophisticated and oh so very grown up.

  2. kirsten avatar

    she rocks!
    [hope she continues to let you dress her… we are having ‘issues’ with miss independence and i have all but given up. and she’s not even 3!]

  3. lies avatar

    Weh-ho! I love the pattern-trove, toinks. And what a designer babe she is eh, yeh i know whatya mean, i often think Lieve has more stylish AND practical outfits than me… Great that she loves to mother. Never mind about the (not) talking, in half a year she’ll say things like ‘mum you’re a stinky p**p**’. And have devilish and everlasting fun at that.
    X Bring on that maternity leave.

  4. Alison avatar

    Ah well when they get to 5 they tell you their life isn’t worth living and they’re going to kill themselves so enjoy ‘bin’ and ‘I like that’. Really looking forward to teenage angst I can tell you.

    And we only have little girls to outdress ourselves.

  5. melissa avatar

    gosh, astrid is such a stylish one. i would love her wardrobe, in big-sizes.
    xx kiss for her!

  6. caroline avatar

    Any place you can go out in cable knit tights, lambskin boots, and a few layers sounds like heaven to me!

    The beauty of such a fantastic kiddie wardrobe is HAND-ME-DOWNS! Baby chops will be dressed to the 9’s by de-facto!

    Hope you’re feeling well!

  7. Creature of Habit avatar

    She’s adorable, sounds like she’s ready to be a big sister! I can’t wait to see what you create during your leave, will be lovely!

  8. Esther avatar

    It is so sweet when they get all motherly and fascinated by babies at this age. Enjoy this time of her being happy to wear what you like too, sadly it doesn’t seem to last nearly long enough. As for the talking, wait til you get to the never ending why conversations 🙂

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