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It’ll be a while before it’s got everything in it that I want, but I’ve made a start on – a little project that’s been bubbling under for some time, waiting for me to finish other bits of work.


Lovely Shops will be a pure shopping guide of all my favourite, mostly online, shops from around the world.

It will be highly edited, so I won’t be posting just for the sake of it – but it will be the repository of places I shop – because goodness knows I love the postman and the delights he brings with him! And I’m sure my favourite shops will keep us all busy for a while.

As will the other lovelies – I’ve resurrected Lovely NZ, and there’s another little project or two I’ll be launching very soon.






9 responses to “Lovely news”

  1. elvis robertson avatar

    woooo… that’s a spooky name coincidence – how wonderful/lovely! My postman gives me parenting tips and writes names of gels etc on envelopes for me, how’s that for service!

  2. hanna avatar

    oooh exciting, I might have to start a piggy bank collection :o)

  3. melissa avatar

    ohh- i can’t wait to see that! 🙂

  4. kimberlee avatar

    yes, bring it on!

  5. Never teh Bride avatar

    Yay! Yet another place to peruse when I’m low on ideas. Bookmarked 🙂

  6. leslie avatar

    oh, this is super exciting. i love seeing where other gals shop. word of mouth is the best. for sure.

  7. victoria avatar

    A great idea and I fancy them all – if only the AUD were stronger!

  8. Kristine avatar

    Lovely shops looks like a beautiful selection.

    I just tried to add it to my bloglines list of feeds using the button on the site, and was told there was no RSS feed. This is certainly not a whinge – just thought you might like to know. I’ll try again later. Cheers.

  9. Shelley gardner avatar

    had a look and saw some wonderfull, inspiring thing- thanks for taking the time so we don’t have to trawl so hard!

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