just in case anybody wants to know

We left all our pots and pans behind in the assumption we’d magically be able to afford a set of Le Creuset when we got here. Instead we’ve been living with a £5 set of crap from IKEA, which keeps food colder than the plates do.

Anyway, they must be discontinuing the colourway, but the satin blue range is all half price at amazon. Yesterday I picked up a couple of casseroles (I’ve been told not to buy the saucepans due to rusting handle inners), ramekins, a frying pan, two baking dishes and a mixing jug for just over a hundred quid.

This is all part of The New Interest In Food that is taking place in this household, since again, with this pregnancy too, I completely forgot how to cook around 22 weeks. So I am very excited about new pans and baking things, ready for a bit of a food blogging run perhaps.

Right. I’m going downstairs to rug up and knit a little cardigan.
Still haven’t shaken this cold.

note: I am not resting downstairs at all – I have now decided to have a massive clear out.






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  1. Calypso avatar

    Oh, you lucky thing. I miss cheap Le Creuset. I’ve got a small Le Creuset frying pan, and it is the best frying pan I’ve ever owned. Nothing sticks to it whatsoever, and, believe me, we can make food stick to almost anything. It’s tiny, though – I’ve been looking for a larger one over here in NZ, but the prices are just shocking. I did think about buying one when I went back to the UK for a visit, but when I picked it up realised I’d have to ditch all my clothes if I was going to have any hope of not exceeding my luggage allowance….

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Calypso avatar

    PS I love the colour of your new pots.

  3. kirsty avatar

    A good score! They do have them on sale periodically. I have a Cousances saucepan which I only use for porridge and scrambled egg, but it’s so heavy to lift with one hand that I wouldn’t use it for veg etc. Enjoy it when it arrives and hope you’re feeling better soon.

  4. Kristy avatar

    Thanks for the tip off.I just grabbed a huge chilli red casserole for half price.I’ve been after another for ages and was waiting for a sale again.I love mine ,it’s almond, but just couldn’t bear to part with over £100 on one item so I snapped it up in one of last years sales.I think the red will be perfect for Christmas.I’ve been so inspired by Nigella’s Christmas book.Have you seen it? Full of red and white vintage goodness.

  5. Jessica avatar

    Don’t they say that you start nesting and cleaning like a fiend before you pop out that kiddo? Congratulations by the way, even if it is late. : )

  6. Yvonne avatar

    Yay! Hope mine will be at your place before the 19th!! Looking forward to see you and the pans ;o)

  7. Lindy avatar

    Ooh those are fantastic- I might have to pick up a couple. I have a 26cm round one and use it all.the.time. I love it!

  8. hanna avatar

    oooh nice, I’m jealous.
    he he, sounds like me – plan to put my feet up with a coffee then get sidetracked rearranging the kids bedroom or something.

  9. Clare avatar

    Its so exciting buying new pans, definately inspires us.

    A couple of years ago I bought a cream set of Le Crueset saucepans, and yes they are a bit of a nightmare, very heavy when full of water and veggies, and they do rust around the handles, they also burn quickly. But they look great, lol.

    Hope you feel better soonX

  10. lottie avatar

    that’s a great score. also good for cheap le creuset is tk maxx. half our kitchen has come from there.

  11. emily avatar

    sadly, we don’t seem to have that color – or that sale – on amazon in the us. i adore my le creuset cookware. and i’m doing a massive clear out today too.

  12. Julia avatar

    I love Le Creuset but I had two frying pans and they both chipped on the inside so I got rid of them. I love their small sauce pans for making sauces.

    I have a friend that GAVE AWAY an entire set of Le Creuset that she inherited without telling me about it first. It’s an incredibly tragic story.

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