So, what did you do today Charlotte?


Forgotten Tales from Hedgehog Fibres – I love this

Well, I dropped Astrid off at Lorraine’s, went for coffee and knitted a couple of inches of Astrid’s wrist warmers. Then I came home, sent an email or two, during the course of which I wrote a list of things I wanted to do and things I had to do. Got the post and spent the next half hour trying to convince myself my new plum cashmere custom yarn is a semi-solid. Then I put the bugaboo and the maclaren on ebay. Then I wound yarn – with a winder, but still no swift, which involves unwinding the wool in little trails over a chair and around my tiny room, wind, repeat, avoid playful cats.


I ordered some lovely camel for a christmas hat, as in present, not themed. I made another cup of tea and sat down with a Biona maple syrup waffle biscuit, decided to take photos of said wool and current knitting projects and then I sat down to write a long overdue blog post which isn’t about any of the blog post subjects I’ve been mulling over the past week at all. And then put everything on flickr and ravelry for good measure.

Yesterday on the other hand I made a dress, finished a bag and little pyjama pants and a blanket and a little hat.







7 responses to “So, what did you do today Charlotte?”

  1. SmitoniusAndSonata avatar

    I love days like that !!

  2. lottie avatar

    well, since you ask… 😉 i wrote about picasso, ate spinach lasagne, picked up some slide film, found a great rioja half price at the supermarket and watched the lighting of the christmas tree in trafalgar square.
    your day sounds lovely – you sound good.

  3. ulli avatar

    thank you for the “hedgehog” link, her colors are stunning. sure enough i had to order some yummies

  4. leslie avatar

    my gosh. you were so creatively productive yesterday. it’s inspiring. and the bag looks great in that lotta fabric. whoohoo.

  5. lies avatar

    Oh I’m quite jealous of that quiet day..
    You’ve really finished some beautiful projects there : the dress (of course!) and the bag (Lotta!) being my fave’s! But wow the blanket, what a wonderful thing, crochet AND soft lining!!!

  6. Lindy avatar

    wow you’ve been busy!

  7. Megan avatar

    I made some fingerless gloves based on the inspiration of your knitting frenzy. It’s so addictive. And I was doing cables! In the round!

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