Notes from a small island

Thirty eight weeks yesterday. And we’re on the mend.


Today I redeemed my New Sewing Machine For Christmas voucher at John Lewis. Today I didn’t spend twenty quid on a cab. Today the bus driver let me on free when my card failed. Today I sat next to a lovely lady on the bus who was a psychic counsellor with arthritis and dyslexia. Astrid played peek a boo and smiled at her down her long eyelashes. The psychic counsellor with arthritis and dyslexia wanted to give Astrid a cuddle and take her home.

Today as we walked across the Heath back home, new sewing machine in hand, the sun shone. Kevin noted the Heath looked different. I mused it must be they’ve cut the grass back. Kevin wondered whether it wasn’t the light. I suggested a brisk walk might even warm one up with that sun. Today. We couldn’t be sure though.

Tomorrow I’ll cut voile. Tomorrow I’ll cut double gauze.
Tomorrow I’m letting myself loose on a quilt adventure.

Yesterday flights to Auckland were booked. A way off yet. A bit of time before that next adventure.

ps. Yvonne‘s just told me that my rss feed has vanished off bloglines – so if you have lost me try this link – and you’ll get photos too.



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7 responses to “Notes from a small island”

  1. Heart Felt avatar

    Wonderful, one step closer to coming home…maybe thats why the Heath looked different. xx

  2. Lindy avatar

    Happy to hear the flights are booked. I miss your veg garden and the fantastic house w/ the wonderful light!

  3. ulli avatar

    it reads like you had one of this “good days”. i am happy for you

  4. di avatar

    The quilt adventure looks tantalising…

  5. The Butter Flying avatar

    Beautiful blog
    Happy 2009!

  6. kyrie avatar

    A new sewing machine! Cause for celebration.

  7. Jeska avatar

    Glad you are feeling better about things. I liked reading your interview over at yvestown.

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