Nesting and the new sewing machine


using up scraps + nature baby ribbon

God it‘s good. My new Elna 5100. Really good. I can sew while Astrid is asleep even. And in the next room even. My sketchbook is full of ideas, full of projects being ticked off. More batting has been ordered. Blankets are being made. It’s cold outside. And inside my stash is rapidly being got through.

We think I might be allergic to the cats. Or have sinusitis. But things are looking up. It was a bleak old Christmas. A bleak old Chops birthday. Now I can count my blessings again. Life is happy. The cough has stopped. Life is good. Life’s lessons are here for learning. And while things may not be perfect I am surrounded by and filled with beauty, peace and contentment.

My hospital bag is packed. Babychops ii’s hospital bag is packed. Each bag packed with smaller bags of categorised items. Receiving blanket, first outfit, second outfit, nappies, maternity pads, labour outfit, bed outfit, socks, taxi money, floral water, arnica.

38 and a half weeks – baby now engaged…







10 responses to “Nesting and the new sewing machine”

  1. Arch avatar

    All the very best Charlotte!

    Really excited about the new arrival in your family:-) Just a couple of days.

    Take care


  2. ulli avatar

    a new year, a new live, a beginning…..

  3. Lyn avatar

    You’ve been busy alright! Good luck for the birth hope all goes just as you would like it to. Don’t forget breathing and moving are your friends through out labour. All the best….

  4. Lindy avatar

    is it wrong that I want to say (in my best Jean-Luc Picard voice) “Make it so No. 1??

  5. t does wool avatar

    oh,getting so close..lovely bags…and lovely nesting.

  6. Creature of Habit avatar

    ^^Lindy is a trekkie? ^^

    I can’t wait to meet baby chops ii… I wish you a speedy, pain-free, memorable, beautiful delivery!

  7. leslie avatar

    oh, so soon. so soon.

  8. Jeska avatar

    Wishing you well for the next few days. All the things you create are so lovely and bebe no 2 will be equally so : )

  9. Stacey avatar

    All the very best wishes to you. What an exciting time!

  10. f avatar

    Wishing you all the best in the next few weeks…count down!
    Take care and stay warm 🙂

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