Another winter outfit

Seeing as we’ll be having two winters in a row – albeit one more like the corresponding summer – and because if Astrid’s trousers are both in the wash we have no trousers I thought it only prudent to make another winter outfit. Now of course. Because it’s so jolly cold. Astrid’s duvet cover froze on the line outside this afternoon. That’s how cold it is.


navy wool from global fabrics auckland
pattern e-3 from this book


grey wool from global fabrics auckland
trouser pattern from this book (and yes they do need an iron)






8 responses to “Another winter outfit”

  1. Sam avatar

    So perfect!

  2. Megan avatar

    When are you coming home? Shall I wait to send your parcel until you are in Auckland? I’m just thinking one less thing to pack.

  3. Rebecca avatar

    Gorgeous, very elegant.

  4. suzy avatar

    So glad I found you again… you had disappeared from bloglines. Must update the link.

    Those winter clothes are gorgeous.

    And good luck with BC2’s imminent arrival – I hope it is safe and speedy – and the move. I’ll be thinking of you.


  5. Karen avatar

    I don’t think they need an iron…I love them as they are. Beautiful work, and beautiful photography!

  6. Creature of Habit avatar

    Both pieces are lovely, I’m crazy about the fabric choices!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Mindy avatar

    so happy to have found your flickr and site!

  8. Stacey avatar

    Gorgeous clothes! How lucky is your lovely Astrid.

    I just love Global Fabrics. Just think you’ll be around for the sale this year! I picked up some amzing felted wool in their sale last year.

    BTW, did you know ironing for leisure is illegal!

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