pyjama pants : top liberty dante in green, bottom linnet cotton floral.
pattern from robe rouge

This morning I woke up and all these amazing things came flooding into my mind. How everything I’d ever dreamed of for myself had all actually come true after all. And while I’d always thought I’d never achieved so many of my ambitions, I have, only mostly on a smaller scale than I was expecting.

So as I happily work my way through my stash, discovering what it’s like to be well again, but now realising I’m allergic to the cats and probably have been for the past few months, wondering when the contractions will start; the days get longer.. and the birds begin to sing again.

39 weeks today. Things starting to move. Feeling slightly nervous.

* a favourite piece of music : : superpitcher – michael mayer mix






12 responses to “happiness*”

  1. melissa avatar

    that’s a pretty amazing way to wake up. see, everything will be allright. and it is.
    those pyjama pants are divine.

  2. ulli avatar

    good morning – the pj’s look lovely

  3. Clare avatar

    The mist clears and the power of being a woman takes over us at certain times, especially just before childbirth.

    Recognising your achievements has something to do with being able to turn and really look back, reflect, not feel the overwhelming pressure to always stare forward. Really seeing what we have done with our lives.

    It brings an inner peace. And god it must be healthy for the soul.

    Thanks C, for making me think about this. Its so easy not to see things clearly.

    39 weeks, how wonderful. Take good care. Lovely work with the pjs. xx

  4. leslie avatar

    my gosh. what an amazing feeling. that all of your dreams have come true. now you can just sit back and watch more dreams come true. amazing. happy 39 weeks.

  5. t does wool avatar

    oh..the weeks move by quickly.
    I adore the pyjama’s,such lovely liberty!
    something magical will soon be happening 🙂

  6. fliss avatar

    Glad to hear you are happy and feeling better…its wonderful when you have these realizations, enjoy and keep dreaming. WOW!!! so close for you now…good luck.
    (i too am allergic to cats!).

  7. lies avatar

    Hellooo happy one. Oh, maybe you are giving birth just now… ******** there I’m sending lots of starry cosmic energy to you – just to keep the happy flowing. Happy 09 you four btw. I’m so glad the ticket is booked (yay!).
    Now. Keep. Safe. Espec you Charlotte and chopII. Breathe. Breathe.
    Aw. I’m nervous too for you’s.
    XXX Lies

  8. heleen avatar

    glad you’re better and good luck for this week, or next…

  9. di avatar

    The pants look divine. Glad to hear that you are doing well, and gainfully occupied (whilst trying to ignore the dates?).

  10. aga_d avatar

    good .


  11. kirsty avatar

    Best of luck for all that hard work you’re about to do and glad to see you’ve been having a sewing marathon. Wish I could get motivated! Keep well in the meantime.

  12. michelle avatar

    happy 39 weeks…. so glad that you are feeling well and so happy that your dreams are coming true. Wonderful pj’s too x

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