Time for a cup of tea

… and a sit down (and a scone).


I’ve finished the sewing binge. Babychops ii clothes are all freshly washed and re-packed. I made scones. I’m thinking about a cake. Maybe. Nah.

Now all I feel like doing is sitting down and doing nothing. And possibly knitting.

But before I do, a few notes on this pregnancy. Physically it’s been so much better than Astrid’s. This time I’ve been able to walk. I’ve steered well clear of yoga this time around, and the symphysis pubis disorder that was threatening to show itself again has entirely cleared up. I’ve not carried my rather weighty camera and lens around a flower show all day at 35 weeks – meaning I haven’t put my back out, very badly, for three weeks. The baby hasn’t gone breech so we’ve saved a lot of acupuncture and moxa effort as well.

Being in London, this pregnancy has seen miles and miles and miles of walking. Here there and every-a-where. We have walked. I was trying on clothes yesterday at Whistles and noticed my waist from behind. As in, I can see it – there is one. You see I’ve not had a midwife telling me I need to eat as much as I possibly can for the last six weeks of pregnancy. And if I did I’d now know to ignore them. I’ve not even been so much as weighed or measured this time.

Having a child however whilst pregnant is Very Hard Work. As is being sick, as we have, for the past few months. But I’ve also been very lucky having childcare three days a week (the plan was for me to work up until Christmas – which is another story), and Kevin’s at home these past few weeks and a couple more. On that front I know I am very, very lucky indeed.

As I write this the baby seems to be knocking on my upper abdomen. Hello. Come out please! We think you’ll come on Friday. Wednesday isn’t so good. We can’t wait to meet you and give you your name. We can’t wait to meet you and bring you home!

– – –

Also an interview avec moi on Yvestown Lifestyle Blog for anyone wanting to know, amongst other things, what my favourite flower is, how messy my room was as a child, and why I always wear shoes in the kitchen.







7 responses to “Time for a cup of tea”

  1. ulli avatar

    tea and scones with jam, perfect combo. and i like your coaster.

  2. Yvonne avatar

    Friday will be perfect ;o) I’ll be waiting for Twitter updates. Oh and must do a Hema shop for babychops ii.

  3. k avatar

    Keep an eye on Flickr too for pics. Might set up a webcam too (only kidding)

  4. caroline avatar

    We’ll be waiting! Almost time now!!!

  5. caroline avatar

    Babychops ii not coming today?

  6. melissa avatar

    that was a great interview- so interesting! (and then of course, i had to read all the other ones on there…) 🙂

  7. eireann avatar

    oh, good luck with your delivery! xx

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