Come on baby come on come on


39 weeks, 5 days

Might bake that cake today. And we’ll walk to England’s Lane later on for toulouse sausages. Last night I put together the blurb family album for 2008 – it’s brilliant – can’t stop looking at it.






9 responses to “Come on baby come on come on”

  1. melissa avatar

    gorgeous picture. you’re looking fabulous for 39 weeks and 5 days!
    yes, bake that cake. baking is my favourite waiting-activity.

  2. erin avatar

    look at you! absolutely beautiful.
    go on, bake the cake.

  3. hanna avatar

    wow, look at that beautiful tummy.
    If only they would tell us when they’d like to join us aye :o)

  4. Creature of Habit avatar

    WOW! Look at that!

    It must be cozy in there…

  5. elisa avatar

    I am searching for the moon outside my kitchen window, I’m sure it’s the good one..
    even the stars are whispering – come on little baby, come on..

  6. Heart Felt avatar

    Come on baby….Your Mama is ready for you! xx

    Ps, that is a beautiful belly. x

  7. Calypso avatar

    Wow, not long now. Best wishes.

  8. Dawn avatar

    You look gorgeous and so teeeeeny tiny with a small blip….xoxox Can’t wait 🙂

  9. Jennifer avatar

    Best wishes to you in those final days of pregnancy!

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