Due date

…and I appear to be having half decent contractions. We’ve been for a walk and now it’s bed and a hottie. Hopefully we’ll have a baby by the end of tomorrow today.


I’ve also created two Blurb books – the family albums for 2007 and 2008 – a job that’s been languishing for some time now. Tick!

Baking a cake – still nah.

update: just phoned the birth centre to tell them we might be coming in tonight / tomorrow and they’re full and so is the labour ward – but not to worry they’ll find me a bed. Ha ha. On our tour the other week they said it’s never ever full. I’m glad I find this funny.  






17 responses to “Due date”

  1. kirsty avatar

    Bonne chance!

  2. elisa avatar

    I cross my fingers for you!

  3. carrie avatar

    Good luck! Hope you’re in labor and it’s going smoothly right now!

    If all else fails I highly recommend eating lots of pesto! Worked like a charm for me (after several weeks of contractions every time we took a walk).

  4. melissa avatar

    thinking of you, charlotte. kia kaha!

  5. Frances avatar

    Good luck, hope it all goes well.

  6. concetta avatar

    Good luck! It’s all very exciting! Take care x

  7. Clare avatar

    Oh Charlotte, I’m not going to sleep now, so excited. Best of luck darling. Much much love xxx

  8. Heart Felt avatar

    xxx hugs xxxx kisses xxxx all will go fine. xx

  9. SmitoniusAndSonata avatar

    Good luck !

  10. Lyn avatar

    Don’t worry as long as you’re not giving birth in the corridor you’ll be sweet! I have a feeling in my waters its gonna be quick so anywhere you lay your hat! No matter what, good luck and best wishes!!

  11. christine avatar

    Congrats! Prayers and wishes this all goes well for you both!

  12. Creature of Habit avatar

    Yikes! I’m keeping my legs crossed for you – wait. Scratch that. Fingers crossed!

    Can’t wait to meet her!

  13. Louise avatar

    I only picked this up on Sunday NZ time. Hopefully by now you will have a new lovely bundle of joy. Congratulations!

  14. hanna avatar

    ooh ooh ooh, thinking of you
    – ooh just realised you wrote this on the 16th, does this mean you’re now holding your wee bundle?!

  15. di avatar

    Thinking of you and hoping that it all went well..

  16. Ravenhill avatar

    Happy birthing! This is so thrilling!
    ~Emily xx

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