Edith Rose

edith rose

(kevin here)

After weeks and months of waiting, and us mistakenly thinking she’d be early, Edith arrived on her due date of 16th January, at 10.53pm, with a hiss and a roar.

A seemingly straightforward labour started at about 1pm and things progressed normally during the afternoon. After taking advice from a friend (whose husband had to deliver their second baby in the bathroom) we decided to walk up to the hospital (about 5 minutes away) to see how far along we were and be there in case things moved on quickly.

After a couple of hours of waiting and tests (they were very busy – we had phoned earlier to be told there were no beds) we were sent home as Charlotte was only 2cm. We got home and things progressed very quickly and we found ourselves back in hospital less than an hour after we left – luckily Polly was on hand to drive us this time.

To cut a long story short, the obstetrician had a look and decided to move things on as he had some concerns. Very quickly Charlotte was whisked into theatre to be prepped for a Caesarian. I was left holding the bags in the corridor wondering what to do next.

I’m gowned up and taken in to sit by Charlotte while there is a flurry of activity going on around us and within a few minutes Edith was with us, pink, eyes open and looking around in wonderment. Cleaned up and wrapped up warm I hold her while the surgeons finish off. She is remarkably calm and quiet.

Charlotte is staying in hospital for a few days to recover (if it had been a normal labour she would have been sent home  6 hours after giving birth) I’m sure she’ll write a much fuller account of events when she feels up to it.

All that remains for me to do is to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts while all this has been going on and to welcome Edith Rose into the world.

Hello babychops 2!






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  1. Clair avatar

    Congratulations! What a gorgeous name for such a gorgeous little girl!

  2. Marianne avatar

    Hipp, hipp, hurra – as we say in Norway. What a beautiful little girl! All the best to Edith Rose and the rest of the family.

  3. Allison avatar

    Welcome little one!

  4. carrie avatar

    Welcome to the world, darling baby!!!

    Hope Charlotte recovers quickly and you all find yourselves home soon!

  5. melissa avatar

    congratulations, charlotte and kevin and astrid. she’s beautiful. xx

  6. concetta avatar

    Congratulations to you all! Welcome Edith Rose. A beautiful name for such a beautiful baby! Well done Charlotte…

  7. Frances avatar


  8. ulli avatar

    welcome you little bundle of wonder

  9. Anja avatar

    Congratulations! She is lovely. Enjoy those first precious days!

  10. kirsty avatar

    Hearty congratulations on the arrival of baby Edith! Am glad Charlotte is ok.

  11. colourspace avatar

    Welcome to the world little Edith Rose x gorgeous name.wishing you all lots of happiness.

  12. Lyn avatar

    Edith Rose welcome! Lucky Astrid to have a sister! Lucky Kevin and Charlotte to have another beautiful baby.

  13. Rach avatar

    How wonderful, truly wonderful. And such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Our daughters share the same middle name.

    All the very best,


  14. Creature of Habit avatar

    Welcome Petite Vie en Rose!

    I’m so glad she arrived safely, and I wish Charlotte a quick recovery!

  15. erin avatar

    big blessings to you all! she is absolutely beautiful.

  16. fliss avatar

    Congratulations! What a beautiful sweet little one she is with a name to match. So happy to hear all went well. x

  17. victoria avatar

    Another beautiful name for another beautiful babe. Having had one of each, csection babes always come out looking so perfect, not really a surprise I guess. I hope the next few days pass well for everyone.

  18. hanna avatar

    oh wow, congratulations. Love the name, very pretty.
    And she looks just beautiful. I hope you are all getting some rests and Charlotte has a speedy recovery.

  19. Claudia avatar

    Congratulations! And what a beautiful baby Edith Rose is. What does Astrid think of her newborn sister?
    I wish you all much happiness and good night sleeps…

    Greetings all the way from Holland

  20. Pauline avatar

    Congratulations to you all! She is absolutely gorgeous (of course) 🙂

  21. heleen avatar

    welcome Edith Rose! what a lovely good, honest name 🙂

  22. Calypso avatar

    Congratulations, and best wishes to you all.

  23. Ali avatar

    She is truly gorgeous – Congratulations and swift healing to you Mama.

  24. leslie avatar

    oh my gosh. edith rose. such a perfect name. for a perfect little one. and i hope charlotte feels better real soon!

  25. Lindsay avatar

    Congratulations, she’s beautiful

  26. alice avatar


  27. Wylie avatar

    Edith Rose is beautiful. She looks like a little rosebud. Congratulations to all of you. So glad everything went well.

  28. Emily S. avatar

    Congratulations, Charlotte and Kevin!
    Welcome Edith!

  29. Heart Felt avatar

    Welcome to the world little one! xx

  30. Stacey avatar

    That is wonderful news. Welcome to the world little Edith Rose, and congratulations to you all on the gorgeous new addition to your family.

  31. Deb avatar

    Beautiful name for a beautiful baby….congratulations to all of you and welcome to the world Edith Rose.

  32. lies avatar

    Oh Kevin… Thanks so much for this beautifullest post. I’m so happy for you four and I’m crying a bit too. Edith is just so pretty and just so right methinks… Please give my love to the brave mother and also tell her I’m sending cosmic Kiwi (with a bit of crazy Belgian) healing energy woosh! Keep safe all of you X ah and also a little cuddle for chops Astrid, it’ll be a bit confusing for her now…
    X Lies

  33. Megan avatar

    She’s beautiful. Hello lovely Edith.

  34. kimberlee avatar

    welcome! she looks just beautiful, send charlotte my love! well done mother

  35. sanderai avatar

    I am so pleased to make your acquaintance Miss Edith Rose. What a lovely name for such a small person.

  36. Di avatar


  37. suzy avatar

    Congratulations! Beautiful baby and gorgeous name.

  38. Tiel avatar

    just amazing. here’s to happy days and beautiful babies.

  39. sandra avatar

    she’s just lovely! congratulations, enjoy those precious times and take care 🙂

  40. Thimbleina avatar


  41. Aysegül avatar

    Happy Birthday beautiful baby!

  42. Clare avatar

    Oh guys a caesarian can be such a strange experience.(I have had 2, Greg found it very stressful). I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear you are both ok. Edith Rose looks truly adorable, so beautiful. Hope you’re doing ok Charlotte, and not too sore, take it easy hon. XXX

  43. Lizzie avatar

    Congratulations. Such a beautiful baby, and such a pretty name. We have an Edith too, althought she’s mostly an Edie these days. Hope to hear more soon, and glad you’re all ok.

  44. Yvonne avatar

    Congratulations Charlotte, Kevin and Astrid. Edith is just lovely!! Will come and see you next month xox

  45. Irene@The Happy Turtle avatar

    Wishing happy mother a speedy recovery and lots of blessings to your family.

  46. Jennifer avatar


  47. Shyrel avatar

    Aww, she is beautiful, congratulations Anknel and Burblets family.

  48. Floss avatar

    How lovely, congratulations to you all.

  49. di avatar

    Welcome and congratulations. I hope that this new little life brings you much joy. Hope that you are feeling healed and well again soon Charlotte!

  50. caroline avatar

    Welcome, welcome little Edith! We’re all so glad you’re here safe and sound.

    Well done Charlotte! Yeah for you. Hope you’re not too uncomfortable still.


  51. Muriel avatar

    Congratulations from France !!!!!
    Your little Edith is so lovely !!!!!

  52. Marie-Eve avatar

    You have chosen a beautiful and feminine name that I really love. I just found your blog and will surely come back. This is a nice space.

  53. Fiona avatar

    So very very late in reading this but just wanted to say Congratulations. She’s beautiful.

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