We’re home


Wow – thank you all so so much for all your messages! We’ve loved reading them – Kevin brought them all in to hospital for me to read on his phone. It’ wonderful to have such an amazing support network 🙂

It’s so good to be home again. We went pretty much straight back to hospital on Friday after we came home. The contractions had started to rain down and we knew the baby wasn’t far away at all. Polly drove us the three minutes to the Royal Free and when we arrived I felt very weird – I told Kevin I felt like I was on drugs and couldn’t feel the contractions much any more. I could even walk through them pretty much – and I knew that couldn’t be right. I was thinking to myself this is how mum felt just before she died.

When we arrived we were very surprised that what I’d been told an hour or so earlier by the midwife who sent us home was a show – was actually more blood than there should be and that the baby’s heart rate was a bit low and I needed to be hooked up to the trace.

The obstetrician was about to go and do another section and said he’d be back in an hour. I was now 4cm. All of a sudden everyone was pushing me onto my side saying I had to stay on my side and I was wheeled right away into theatre. They had the mask on my face ready to start a general anasthetic but at the very last second they said I could have a spinal instead – which meant I could be awake for the operation. And that Kevin could be there. Which was a good thing.

The actual operation was really weird. I know we arrived in the theatre at 10.30pm and Edith was born at 10.53pm. It took another 40 odd minutes to sew me back up – and that was the weird bit. All I could think of is they’re really rummaging around in there aren’t they and I felt very squeamish about the whole thing. I had to breathe my way through that. All the while craning my neck back to see Edith, who Kevin was holding next to me. Little thing. She was perfect.

The obstetrician talked through all of this. And the anaesthetist was right with me the whole time – they were really, really lovely and brilliant all the way through. The obstetrician said my uterus was full of blood – an abrupted placenta (we don’t know why though) – meaning the placenta had come away from the uterus, which can be very very dangerous for mum and baby – and I’d lost a lot of blood.

We were so lucky we went back to hospital when we did. And we’ve been told that by so many doctors and midwives over the past few days. We really are. It could have been a lot worse. We caught this thing so early none of the signs had even really had a chance to show themselves.

Alone in hospital after such a big operation with a newborn made for one very long night indeed, and that is a whole other story. I would have completely fallen apart if it had been my first. And Melissa – your Kia Kaha worked wonders for me that night (I saw that message just before we went back).

Anyway, I’ll write the birth story up properly – I just wanted to say hello, we’re home, we’re well. Edith is great, happy, demanding, feeding, pooing, looking around, lifting her head up, crying, sleeping – she seems much happier at home too now.

Edith is my late grandmother’s middle name. Rose was almost Astrid’s middle name – so we’ve had her name ready for a few months – just waiting for her to arrive.

She certainly made sure she was born on her due date as well didn’t she.






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  1. melissa avatar

    oh- she did! what a wonderful birth story. i’m so glad you are all well. you’re a strong woman. and i’m thinking of you lots. xx

  2. Anja avatar

    My son was born on his due date as well. Next Wednesday it’s exactly one year ago. Wow 🙂

    (and they say that babies don’t smile until they’re a months at least. Pfft. She’s smiling! And so, so cute.)

  3. betsy avatar

    Holy cow! Sweet Edith knows how to make an entrance, doesn’t she?! I’m so glad mama and baby are home safe and sound. Edith is beautiful.

  4. Kristy avatar

    Congratulations! She is so beautiful.I am glad you are all safe and seem to have come through the trauma.
    I feel a little behind as the last post I read was Astrids birthday one.I think Bloglines has been keeping your posts to itself!

  5. anna avatar

    such a beautiful girl! with a beautiful big sister too! congratulations on your new addition and I’m so glad to hear it worked out well in the end.

  6. Creature of Habit avatar

    Is it just me or is she perfect? I mean…. look at that little face. She even has a little smile of contentment! And her little head is so round and perfect.

    I’m glad to hear you are home and recovering. Emergency C-sections can be so scary. My sister’s first was an emergency after pushing for 12 hours. Ugh. She couldn’t walk for three days. She was a mess, but she got through it. The next two were a breeze! Lol….

  7. Lyn avatar

    When I said I had a feeling it was gonna be quick I didn’t mean that kind of quick! The hospital system is great when they get it right and by the sounds of it they got it right for you and Edith.
    She is just beautiful, take care…

  8. lies avatar

    Oh she is beautiful! And you are such a strong mother. Keep safe now cute ones.

  9. Megan avatar

    She’ll be a woman of strength. Just like her Ma.

    Sending you gentle hugs and lots of love and a big tonne of gratefulness the story has such a happy ending.

  10. Dawn avatar

    Oh geez….our first birth was really scary too. In a different way. The should have sent me for a C-Section but instead let our daughter get stuck and used the suction method too long. When she finally arrived she did not make sound for 20 minutes…the special team came in and worked on clearing her lungs and her scalp had a big laceration from the suction. All the nurses in the room looked like they had just witnessed a horrible car accident and I kept asking over and over…why isn’t she making any noise and nobody answered. The doctor did let Jason cut the cord, never even told us it was happening,…didn’t ask or tell us about the episotomy….and when I asked the doctor what she was doing now…she said in very unpleasant voice…”I’m delivering the after birth”…which nobody asked me if I wanted to keep either…..so I am just sooooo glad you had wonderful people around to help you and that you and Edith (love her name) are okay. Our Son’s birth was much better but oh so weird…I had a planned C-section and man is that a whole different kind of hard…but it went super smoothly and do to his large size it was the right choice and when they pulled him out they all agreed we had definitely made the right choice….rest as much as you can and squeeze that baby…our Soren is already 9 months old…geez.. xo

  11. Dawn avatar

    oops I meant to say did not let Jason cut the cord

  12. Heart Felt avatar

    She is so beautiful and you are so strong! Wonderful…xx Thanks so much for sharing this amazing moment. xx

  13. t does wool avatar

    oh,so glad you and baby are fine…rest and oh,kiss that little one for me!!

  14. Clare avatar

    Oh Charlotte, how traumatic, and frightening for you and Kevin. Its afterwards when everything is quiet and you re-live the drama, its seems so much more frightening.

    But good god Charlotte, Edith is georgous, absolutely adorable. (And can i just say i also love the knitted blanket.) Well done you STAR, absolute star xxxxxx Love to big sis x

  15. hanna avatar

    far out, not what you expected I’m sure, I’m so glad you are all safe and sound.
    Look at that perfect little face. just beautiful.

  16. Julia avatar

    Oh my goodness what a beautiful baby.

    I’m so glad everything went well for you – I felt like, after I had my third, that my delivery was like me being on a narrow road and I could have slipped off of it at any moment.

  17. Lindy avatar

    So very very happy it all ended well. Edith is just about the cutest thing I’ve seen.

  18. kirsten avatar

    hey, a huge and hearty congratulations!
    wonderful, wonderful news.
    and she is such a perfect little bundle.
    well done, you.

  19. Samantha avatar

    What a beautiful girl! Congratulations, I’m glad to hear that you are both home and well.

  20. martha avatar

    oh -she is just beautiful! I’m glad it all was ok in the end and that you are both doing well.
    Even with all of our new technology birthing babies is still a very hard and sometimes dangerous process. so worth it in the end though. xo
    ps -I had an abruption too -so scary.

  21. di avatar

    Good thing indeed, going with your instincts and going back to hospital. Glad to hear that you are well, and are at home. I am putting together a small package for you to send next week…

  22. di avatar

    Love the knitted cocoon too :))

  23. emily avatar

    oh hooray! so glad you’re home and safe and well – all of you. xoxo.

  24. Megan avatar

    PS-when you come back to NZ we’ll have to meet up, ‘kay? Can’ believe we didn’t when we were 40 minutes apart! Must meet these beautiful girls of yours.

  25. Pauline avatar

    Wow, she’s amazing. Bet you cant stop looking at her 🙂

  26. Lillian avatar

    My, she is so pretty! Congratulations! And get well soon!

  27. Esther avatar

    From the beautiful contented expression Edith is wearing, one would never know how dramatic her entrance to he world was. Very glad to hear that all is well now after such a traumatic time for you.

    Take very good care and when you get a chance let me have your postal address as I would like to send a little something to Edith and Astrid, of course 🙂

  28. ulli avatar

    oh dear, what a story! i am glad that everything worked out at the end. and edith is just gorgeous, she looks so peaceful

  29. Christine avatar

    Congratulations on your new arrival. I would love to know where you can find the knitted pattern for the baby cocoon! It looks very snuggly.

  30. caroline avatar

    You stoic, brave creature! You sound so calm about the whole thing. I think I may have melted!

    SO much love to you all. xoxox

  31. Deb avatar

    That is so scary but I’m so glad it turned out ok. I guess you kind of knew instinctively that you need to be in hospital at that point so well done you!

    My, she’s gorgeous. Look she’s even smiling (and no, I don’t believe it is wind!).

    Best wishes x

  32. Lindsay avatar

    She’s so beautiful, what a pretty, perfectly round head! That sounds weird but there’s something miraculous about babies’ little heads that makes me feel all sentimental! Well done you. I’m so glad everything turned out alright.

  33. Mary avatar

    Edith is lovely. Congratulations to you both!

  34. Ann avatar

    Charlotte, congratulations to you and your family. Edith is beautiful! Lovely name too!

  35. SmitoniusAndSonata avatar

    What a beautiful baby she is . Congratulations to all of you …. but particularly to you !!

  36. Jeska avatar

    So happy to hear you are home and well and all together. Its such a wonderful time for you and Edith really is a treasure. looking forward to following your new adventure.


  37. Ravenhill avatar

    Reading your post had me locked to my chair and on the edge of my seat. I am so glad it all went so well! Oh, my! So wonderful that you were in such good hands. She is just as beautiful as can be. I am smiling with happiness for you all.

  38. Shinykatie avatar

    Aww, congratulations – she’s gorgeous. xx

  39. Sara avatar

    I am so sorry to hear of your emergency c but oh my, she is so so beautiful. And so content in her little basket. You knitted that lining didn’t you? Just beautiful. Congratulations again Charlotte!

  40. kimberlee avatar

    amazing job to both of you, and how sweet does she look in that basket!

  41. Sue avatar

    She looks pretty much perfect. So peaceful and calm. Congratulations on this beautiful tiny lady.

  42. Emily S. avatar

    Do let us know how things are going again, when you get the chance. I hope everything is still quite well.


  43. fliss avatar

    Welcome home. So happy to hear you are both well but frightening to think if you didnt go with your instincts and head to the hospital. She is very beautiful 🙂

  44. eireann avatar

    oh my gosh, charlotte–glad you are ok. edith is absolutely beautiful. x

  45. annechovie avatar

    What an absolutely precious and beautiful little baby!

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