The Edith report


Edith – 1 week old 

I know from most of the photos it looks as though Edith is always asleep in her moses basket. Well, that’s all been a big ruse. Much of the time she’s been firmly attached to one or the other boob. If not that then crying. I always remembered Astrid being so easy to look after – and I got so much baking, sewing and photography in – it was a very productive time. Not so little Miss Edith. Until I remembered why. So yesterday we went up the road and returned with a tin of Babynat.

Edith now sleeps. Edith now can be awake without crying when not attached to the boob. Mummy can now spend time with daddy and Astrid. Mummy can now also do such things as cut Astrid’s hair and nails, give Astrid a shower, cook and eat dinner without needing to tend to small baby and / or attach baby to boob at dinner table (which in our kitchen galley is a feat unto itself).

I remember struggling on with Astrid for three months, pumping, taking all manner of herbal things and not so herbal things, the emotions I felt when the milk just went. It was so hard at the time, but a few hours after officially stopping breastfeeding Astrid I don’t think I even gave it a second thought. Apart from the people who thought they needed to feel sorry for me. The people who looked at the floor and shook their heads and said oh well, it works for some people. The people who say if Astrid had been breastfed for longer she never would have got all those bugs. Breastfed children also got those bugs.


Edith – 2 weeks old

Moses basket and organic mattress from nature baby
Baltic blanket and crochet blanket by a+b

Post Babynat supplementing however she’s been in her basket looking around, moving her arms and legs – taking some time out to view her surroundings. She seems more at home now – it’s been over a week we’ve been home now. Astrid just wants to poke and hit her – all out of affection but Edith hasn’t quite cottoned on to that yet. Not sure we have either. She’s been putting on all the requisite weight and then some, so all that eating did pay off. As has the fattening up of Astrid after the months of illness. Might be time to put a halt to all the pasta about now though.

On Friday we went to Camden for Edith’s birth certificate. I can now leave the house, walk to the bus stop, walk to the Town Hall and then back again. We’ve not managed Hampstead as I missed a few painkiller slots and it all wore off to my surprise. I had thought I could begin to wean myself off them but I’m not ready yet. A week ago we took our first walk to South End Green and we’ve done that walk every day. Mid-week I managed there and back all in one go although that did involve two codeine pills. One there. One back. No nasty razor blade cutting sensations at all (didn’t I tell you I only like serrated knives).

So we’re all doing well. Four months today till we fly back to Auckland.
Mummy might be going back to work soon while Daddy stays home and looks after the chopses. Maybe.

But for now we shall enjoy a bit more time off, everyone at home, watching today’s snow, eating good cake, more walks on the Heath. Spring on the way.






24 responses to “The Edith report”

  1. Arch avatar

    How lovely!

    Edith is beautiful!

    Best wishes to your sweet family.



  2. aga _d avatar

    it is funny what you said about breastfeeding .people always think they know better , don’t they 🙂 annoying people.
    i breastfed maya for a whole year , she gave it up herself ,and she was no longer interested in my boobs after almost 12 months . Believe me – she still gets bugs , colds , runny nose , etc.

    glad you are doing well.


  3. Jen avatar

    Edith is a doll! Congrats to you and your family!

  4. Julia avatar

    Many, many people tried to make me feel guilty for bottle feeding my kids. I thought my kid’s health and my mental health were equally important.

    All three are annoyingly healthy.

  5. Marianne avatar

    I love the moses basket that beautiful baby Edith sleeps in. They are not easy to come by in Norway, however, so my not-yet born boys will have to make do with their cots.

    Anyway, enjoy life post Babynat!

  6. Rebecca avatar

    Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful, it makes me feel so broody. Looks like you are doing an incredible job.

  7. Mel Ainsworth avatar

    Good on you!
    Thanks for sharing,there is so much guilt associated with bottle feeding.
    She’s so lovely…

  8. ulli avatar

    good – you are getting some rest. bottle or breast milk, whatever works best for you, edith and your family. there is more to a baby’s wellbeing than breast milk.
    my girl was raised on bottle milk and she is now a strong 3 1/2 year old.

  9. victoria avatar

    Everyone knows best about everything – or at least they think they do. I managed to feed both my babes for over a year each, but I feel it was just good luck. I have so many girlfriends who had so much trouble, suffered through bleeding nipples, screaming babes and were still told by MCH that they should persist, see lactation experts etc etc. I found their perserverence so much more impressive than my good luck. Whatever works and already you’re seeing the results – she’s gorgeous – picture perfect.

  10. suzy avatar

    There are never so many experts with gratuitous advice as when you have a baby, are there? In the end I just smiled politely and ignored.
    I’m so glad to hear you’re working it all out and everyone is thriving.
    Take care xx

  11. lies avatar

    Oh hon. Good on you for getting that Babynat. And all that walking, already!!! Isn’t Edith great, that first weeks ‘looking around’, it’s so special… Of course Astrid needs to test her sister’s resilience eh.

  12. Alison avatar

    What Julia said.

    You know, I think we ‘create’ so much pressure around The Baby that we forget there are other people in The Family who are equally deserving, and need equally our attention, our support, our time, and our love, including mummy. I have enormous respect for mothers who put aside what is technically ‘Right’, and become a mother, doing what is instinctively right for them as a whole family, and enjoying the result. That doesn’t mean I’m anti-breastfeeding, quite the opposite. But it does mean that I see a bigger picture, and I understand and support any woman who makes a decision like this and puts family wellbeing alongside their own wellbeing.

    You’re doing great, and this time with Edith and Astrid is so unique in their lives, enjoy it however you can.

  13. Nicola avatar

    She is such a gorgeous baby! Enjoy the family time at home. Those four months until you come home will fly no doubt!

  14. Calypso avatar

    Oh! She is perfectly lovely!

  15. kirsten avatar

    what a sweet thing.
    and not sure if you feel the same way, but second time around, i had so much more confidence in my own decisions that were right for me and my baby and my family and didn’t play into the ‘guilt’ trip to anywhere near the same extent. so freeing! so liberating! so healthy!
    go girl, you are doing great – and obviously all the right thing as she is bright and putting on weight. good for you.

  16. Jeska avatar

    Lovely to read about your two teeny beauties, I am also at home watching snow. Might have to fix a cake too. The warm smell of baking is the perfect partner to a chilly blanket of snow.

  17. di avatar

    Very good thing, your instincts! Go with them. I battled with low supply and breast infections and a baby who didn’t sleep much, and with the benefit of hindsight I know we could have topped him up more than we did. I can only imagine with the second child your previous experience is a huge help on such parenting dilemas!

  18. julia avatar

    so glad to hear you’re all four doing well! she is quite beautiful.

  19. caroline avatar

    In the end, you know what’s best for your own baby!

    She’s so beautiful. Enjoy every minute!

  20. hanna avatar

    gorgeous, just gorgeous.
    I’m glad to hear you are all doing well.

  21. Jess avatar

    Hi! I just found your site through Reese Dixon. I am an Aucklander too! Have to say, reading your birth story just before bed, while 32 weeks pregnant was not a good thing!!! I am glad things worked out well. Your little girl is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I so know what you mean with the breastfeeding comments/advice/remarks! Enough to make you scream. I have 4 kiddies, i struggled to feed the first 3, to the point where my first had Failure To Thrive (that official name is enough to make any new Mum feel even more guilty!). Finally with number 4 i managed to feed for 10 1/2 months….he still got all the same illnesses, chesty things and colds that my others have had!!!
    You have to do what works best for you, your baby and your family.

  22. Anne Marie avatar

    They are so cute when this small…i can feel the delicious baby smell all through the screen.

  23. olga avatar

    Hugs and congratulations and OMG she’s just SO pretty!!!

    sorry for late response – we had some time off in the countryside with no internet connection…

    take care

  24. Rebecca Williams avatar

    She is adorable and I love the basket and grey blanket combo – just gorgeous!

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