The good cake


Soon I shall bake another berry tart just like this one – a new to me recipe from my Christmas book, Off the Shelf by Donna Hay. I’ve substituted the one and a half cups of self raising flour for equal parts almond meal and spelt flour. Not forgetting to also add the baking powder. Astrid’s crazy about it. Today I might make pear and raspberry. It’s also rather good with white chocolate.






5 responses to “The good cake”

  1. ulli avatar

    that looks delicious. i have a couple of her books, but not this one. guess i have to get myself on more.

  2. lies avatar

    Omg you ARE the supermum. Walking, blogging, baking!!!

  3. suzy avatar

    That looks delicious. I have Off the Shelf too (it was my bible when I first left home…), but never tried that recipe. I will make it as soon as it cools down enough here to ake turning the oven on bearable.

  4. Heather avatar

    That looks yummy!

  5. Marie-Eve avatar

    Fabulous! That looks delicious…May I taste it?

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