Wow, this is even more snow than when it snowed and snowed back in 2002. I read somewhere this is the most snow since 1991.

Kevin said childcare would be cancelled today to which I replied, ‘no way, why would it be cancelled. Let’s pack extra socks, gumboots, scarf, mittens…’ um, and would you believe it, childcare was cancelled. Of course we were the only ones who turned up. Mad intrepid New Zealanders.

And no cats, you aren’t going out.

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9 responses to “Snow”

  1. Pauline avatar

    My cat loves the snow – she was pouncing on it this morning 🙂

  2. christine avatar

    I walked all the way to the office (from Dalston to London Bridge) this morning only to find that none of my bosses had made it to work. But at least it should be a quiet day. I love how light everything is with so much white outside. And, I’d love to be a cat on a window sill today!

  3. Nanette avatar

    Goodness, I’m behind the times. Congratulations on Edith’s birth. She’s a bonny little thing and I thoroughly approve of her name, (it was in my top 5 for my second child, interestingly Charlotte was second choice for my first child. How very curious.)
    Enjoy and be well,
    Nan x

  4. ulli avatar

    i am envious – we are having 80 degrees at the moment. not that it ever snows here, but it could at least be raining…..

  5. hanna avatar

    oooh we’re hearing about this on the news here.
    keep warm

  6. theresa/t does wool avatar

    we have not been without snow for more than a month…and more to come. I’d love to be like the cats and have someone tell can’t go out 🙂

  7. Creature of Habit avatar

    They cancel schools and daycare here in Boston if they even *think* it *might* snow. I grew up in the Midwest, and not once my entire life did I ever have a snow day. Not ONE. Hmph.

  8. lies avatar

    And of course the mad intrepids in Auckland are currently having a heat-wave! How anti-podian (pedian?)…

  9. April avatar

    lovely, lovely snow!

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