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…how many cakes have you baked since the last one?
A: quite a few.

Astrid likes cake. Especially the new ones mummy has been baking. From her new cookbook – Off the Shelf. The recipe for raspberry and peach tart that mummy has totally changed, using almond meal and spelt flour and different berries each time. And she puts chocolate into them too. So much better than any other cake I’ve ever had says Astrid.

Today some nice Japanese people came to our house for a few hours and took photos. And we talked about lots of stuff like life and baking and cake and sewing and knitting and babies and Hampstead Heath and flickr and blogging and heaps more stuff. They took a photo of me holding plates of cake and I had to smile. I lost my last hairclip this morning which meant I had to wear one of Astrid’s (big red felt flower) hairclips. For a photo in a book. Yes, so this week I’ve been cleaning.

Not a consistent cleaner – I do like a clean house – but I’m not really prepared to put the work in because I want to do other things – so this has been a rare ocassion. A delight. A treat. So tidy was it that even during the shoot we totally messed the house up again just by having a cup of tea and some (blueberry, walnut and dark chocolate) cake. Yvonne told me what to do. Dust, vacuum, flowers and fruit. I would have worked that out eventually, but it’s much easier to be told by someone who knows what they’re doing.

This week also, I made cushion covers, bags, more cake, knitted some cashmere sleeve and went out on my own, on the train, to a meeting – out in the big wide world. Back in Love with London. Mummy is about to have some fun.



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10 responses to “Astrid says”

  1. ulli avatar

    that sounds exciting! and i love astrids cardigan.

  2. Fiona avatar

    I have Off The Shelf but haven’t discovered that recipe, which sounds fantastic, as does the blueberry, walnut and dark chocolate cake (oh my!)

    Sounds like you are on the cusp of some wonderful adventures – hooray! xo

  3. leslie avatar

    that cake looks scrumptious.
    and i am very intrigued about these japanese guests.

  4. Heart Felt avatar

    Wonderful to see a splash of spring! xx

  5. Yvonne avatar

    EEeeeee and I wanted to text you all day yesterday but I didn’t because it can be nerve wrecking. But it sounds like you had a really lovely day. Did they tell you when they’re going to publish the book? Bet they took some lovely shots of your studio – I love that room.

  6. Yvonne avatar

    ps: that cake looks gorgeous must bak that when I have an oven!

  7. lottie avatar

    this all sounds very exciting indeed. glad you’re back in love with london – it’s being a pretty nice city right now i think.

  8. Clare avatar

    Book?!When-how exciting.I haven’t told you this but I thought I saw you ,when you were still three, walking on the Heath one Sunday after christmas.I wasn’t sure enough though so let you all walk past.Maybe ,maybe……? I now have to get this cookbook as well as edmonds as I just read your flickr bun comment : )) I love London.Big romance.Huge.

  9. kdel avatar

    I tried to make this with spelt flour but put in too much baking powder. How much do you put in based on the 1 1/2 cups of spelt flour? My husband is sensitive to gluten so spelt is a great alternative!
    I love your blog!

  10. Nicole avatar

    the cake sounds so wonderful! i love your daughters jacket , did you make it? …your blog is just so lovely to visit!

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