I just stumbled upon yellow week at Erin’s. Funnily only yesterday I was thinking to myself there’s something about yellow here as we got the train to Richmond, leaving our daffodil filled house, avec child clad in yellow and yellow pram bag. Heck, I even wore my citrine necklace for the first time in over a year.

Yesterday Astrid decided to wear, as well as her yellow raincoat, a yellow handbag, her yellow dress and she also pointed at the yellow pages in a book. So Astrid knew all along it was yellow week.

Clever girl Astrid.



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  1. Pink Sun Drops avatar

    I have a yellow dress, but I wish it was prettier. I’ve been craving an easy to wear, fun yellow dress for way too long!

    I bet Astrid looked adorable in her yellow getup!

  2. hanna avatar

    oooh yes I stumbled across Erin’s yellow week thingy yesterday too, (I am LOVING yellow lately)and was planning on joining in. The kids were around my ankles yesterday so didn’t get my yellow picture, perhaps today.
    I LOVE that yellow bag of yours.

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