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3282548658_3043d867d6.jpgThere’s a little moi-interview over at sfgirlbybay today and a house tour too.

And tomorrow I have an exciting story to tell about Rosie Flo’s colouring books. Stay tuned.



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8 responses to “sfgirlbybay interview”

  1. Lindy avatar

    really enjoyed the house tour and it was such a nice interview. I’m off to check out the sites you mentioned- should be going to bed, oh well.

  2. CreatureofHabit avatar

    Lovely interview, and the photos are wonderful!

  3. caroline avatar

    I loved your interview! And your shots!

    And I really loved that you mentioned the Savoy. My husband’s grandfather was the Director there for years and years, and my father-in-law actually lived there through his childhood.

    Needless to say, he’s a bit disturbed by my children’s table manners. HA!!! (only half-way joking)

  4. melissa avatar

    i loved that interview. the pictures were so beautiful.
    now i want to know how you’re related to peter pan!!

  5. hanna avatar

    Cool! What a great interview.
    Love all the pics of your house, love looking at other peoples houses. Your’s is so pretty and creative.

  6. michelle avatar

    I really enjoyed your interview. We just found out this week that my husband’s work is requesting us to move from California to London. It seems like it is a beautiful and inspiring place. I have so many questions….but your interview put me at ease a bit! Thank you!

  7. suzy avatar

    That was a great house tour and interview, I really enjoyed it.
    And I love your dreamcatcher. Is it by Tamar? We have a similar one from there in Ali’s room.

  8. claire avatar

    a lovely little interview c. such a wonderful home you make.

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