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Funnily enough, in my favourite little studio next door – the one I see out the window of my little room, were once produced the Rosie Flo colouring books (which are more than just colouring in books because you draw faces, arms and legs and backgrounds too).

I found this out the other day when helping a neighbour with a book he’s publishing – and the first thing I saw upon arriving was a display stand of lovely colourful Rosie Flo books. It would transpire you see, said neighbour is involved in the running of the Rosie Flo publishing empire. Yay for that.

So of course I left with an armful of books, some of which are now in little packages ready for their journeys around the world, but I’ve saved one or two for the blog, so if you’d like one please just leave a comment and I’ll draw a winner or two in about a week.

There’s an AMAZING japanese book too which you can buy easily enough from Amazon – it’s marvellous – it includes illustrations done by famous Japanese artists and drawing and colouring in space for you too.

More Rosie Flo goodness at Amazon.







51 responses to “Rosie Flo’s colouring books”

  1. Ali avatar

    I’m a big Rosie Flo (ond Johnny Joe) fan. Notice I say ‘I’ and not ‘my boys’ because there are some things that my mama control-freakery just won’t let me allow them carte blanche to do.

  2. Vivi avatar

    oh…Oh i wish I can get this… =)

  3. maria avatar

    yeee heee!!!!
    I love this colouring books and would really love to be the lucky winner

  4. betsy avatar

    Oh my gosh. These are new to me. And absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful giveaway.

  5. Sandrine avatar

    ppppssssttt….. I cross my fingers 😉 ^-^ !

  6. kirsty avatar

    These are gorgeous!

  7. Kaylovesvintage avatar

    they are so cute, I wish they would sell them here in the Netherlands

  8. Mary avatar

    A friend’s wee girl has some of them and I’ve been coveting them 🙂

  9. monica cano avatar
    monica cano

    ooooh! hope it’s me!

  10. Melanie avatar

    I have been admiring these for a while now, I know a couple of wee mites that would simply adore them!

  11. Allison avatar

    Oh yes please for a chance to win! I’ve never heard of them before, but I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled as they look wonderful.

  12. Clare avatar

    Ahh 3 of these just arrived last week from Amazon… they are adorable. x

  13. sanderai avatar

    these would be wonderful with the girls that I mentor…

    love!!! this site.

  14. Laura avatar

    Not sure if I qualify for this contest as I live in the US? But I love these coloring books! And your blog is absolutely *delightful* – just found you via SFgirlbybay & your lovely house tour. Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

  15. Caterine avatar

    oh good. i have nice pencil to use in these!

  16. hanna avatar

    oooh I’ve seen these before, they are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  17. ericca avatar

    these are so cute…would love to win one!

  18. Cindy avatar

    This is wonderful. Just purchased 3 of the books for a friends daughter. Thank you!

  19. CreatureofHabit avatar

    Ooooh – these are wonderful! Milo has a birthday coming up and he would love these! I must go check them out!

  20. Siri avatar

    Those are incredible!

  21. Michelle avatar

    We have one of these in our house, and it is the most superb thing!

    Miss Z (4) has drawn marvellous spindly weird-headed creatures, and I hoped to put it away for posterity – but she tore some pages out as ‘gifts’ for visitors.

    I had no idea there were so many available! Must go hunting….

  22. Steph avatar

    These are new to me and they look wonderful!

  23. Helen avatar

    They look super-sweet – consider me entered into the draw!

    x Helen

  24. Jo avatar

    These are fab! I haven’t come across them before!

  25. moira avatar

    I’d like one! I actually bought one a while ago for a niece, but didn’t realise it was such a big series.

  26. Kimberly Taylor avatar

    With four boys, I *NEED* those books, so that I can pretend I have a little girl to draw little dollies with…

  27. CMN avatar

    Oh I just adore the Rosie Flo coloring books! I purchased one at the Tate Modern’s Children’s bookshop several years ago and just adore it… so lovely!

  28. di avatar

    They look beautiful (would it be OK to get one and then keep it for myself? :))

  29. Rach avatar

    Wonderful. Will be looking for those.

    And I have been inspired by your blurb books. Now I seem to be spending even more time on the computer but, most of it is now spent smiling and crying and smiling at the many, many babies photos of our Minnie.

  30. you know who avatar
    you know who

    pick me !

  31. t does wool avatar

    oh,these are adorable…and I’ve never heard of them…I must get some.thank you for opening my eyes.

  32. Stacey avatar

    Wow, how clever! I’ve never seen these before. I love them because they encourage imagination.

  33. Nikella avatar

    Another great find! Your blog is always an inspiration. Thanks!
    (Pick me! :))

  34. Lisa avatar

    these are adorable … i hope I win

  35. Lilli avatar

    Terrible delurker here…takes a giveaway to out me! Love reading your blog and congratulations on the birth of your second daughter too…;-)

  36. Patricia avatar

    I’m in love with illustrated books, and these are indeed special. I think they stand alone without any coloring in. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  37. Lindsay avatar

    Lovely lovely little books x

  38. Neza avatar

    A coloring book? Oh, I’m seven again.
    Thank you for giving that treasure away!

  39. Georgia avatar

    I can see the girls spending hours getting lost in these. Hope one wings its way to us!

  40. victoria avatar

    We found something made here in Melbourne, a similar style called, Rosie Apple … but we’d still love one of these, they seem like perhaps the inspiration for the latter.

  41. colourspace avatar

    You should keep a stash of those for you – they make the perfect gifts for little girls birthdays 🙂 we love them too

  42. Kelly avatar

    i saw one of these books for the first time over the weekend & thought how lovely they were

  43. Marie-Eve avatar

    Beautiful and clever! I love that and the idea to let a child work a little his imagination.

  44. kimberly avatar

    Johnny Joe joins us every weekend at our favorite cafe. The owners look forward to seeing which page will come to life next. Rosie Flo! My heart melts 🙂

  45. Kim avatar

    oooh! I’ve never seen these before — very cool to be able to draw in the body parts and backgrounds. neat, backwards, creative process in a way — we’d love to give them a try!

    thanks for the fun giveaway — 😉

  46. elisa avatar

    the cutest!
    You introduce me in a magic world..

  47. Kate avatar

    These are fantastic. I am so glad to know about them. So much better than the traditional coloring books. Reminds me a little of the Taro Gomi coloring books like … Doodles.

  48. Calypso avatar

    My little niece would love these. She (and her family) have just returned to the UK after five weeks here with me in NZ. *sob*

  49. Christina J. avatar

    How wonderful. I’d never seen them before this.

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