dear universe…


Thank you very much for listening the other day when you and I had some serious words. Thank you for materialising work for Kevin so I can stay at home with the girls. Thank you for dropping some money from the sky when we so seriously needed it. Thank you for making sure Edith was ok. Thank you for miraculously returning me to less than my pre-pregnancy weight after only five weeks. And thank you for turning up with a nice letter full of petals yesterday.

I’m going to keep adding to this. But for now I desperately need to apply some lip balm, make tea and eat some cake.

And tomorrow is my favourite day. February the twenty seventh. If I could declare a special Charlotte statutory holiday that would be it.



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14 responses to “dear universe…”

  1. aga avatar

    oh so wonderful to read . so much positive thought here. glad things are well, charlotte. xxx

  2. caroline avatar

    That’s so lovely!

    And tomorrow is my Lily’s birthday. A special day, indeed. xoxox

  3. ulli avatar

    how wonderful….

  4. Frances avatar

    Hope your favourite day is extra special.

  5. erin avatar

    i love that the universe listened to you! happy weekend, friend.

  6. t does wool avatar

    so nice to hear good things for good people!!

  7. suzy avatar

    I’m so glad good things are being sent your way.

  8. k avatar

    Things always seem to have a habit of working out.

  9. Anne Marie avatar

    Lovely photo. How nice of someone to send you petals… what a beautiful act.

    Hope you favourite day is turning out the way you want!

  10. sanderai avatar

    It’s wonderful to be heard.

  11. Emily S. avatar

    You got them!

  12. Jac avatar

    I have just come across your blog recently and want to say how lovely and inspiring it is. I love your list – so positive and I’m impressed that you got a letter full of petals – that has to be a good day!I hope you have a great weekend!

  13. melissa avatar

    yes- thank you, universe. so glad you’re happy and well.
    my mum’s birthday is the 28th of february- there’s something nice about this month.

  14. Nicole avatar

    glad things are working well for you!

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