Month: March 2009

  • making muesli

    I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but I’m too lazy to cut up dried fruit. So when I bought M&S muesli that was entirely made up of dried fruit and nuts I saw my chance. In went a pile of porridge oats, several handsful of bits out of the baking tin – walnuts,…

  • enchanted forest

    finished at long last. Just in time for Edith to grow into Debbie Bliss’ newborn size. No doubt really the result of my gauge or lack thereof.

  • i

    am still not entirely sure what on earth i’m doing with myself for now. Although I do know that when Astrid wakes up we’ll walk over to Swain’s Lane or up to South End Green for coffee. And that I have a cupboard full of Coca Cola for the first time in my life would…

  • wenn der frühling kommt

    Wenn der Frühling kommt, Von den Bergen schaut, Wenn der Schnee im Tal Und von den Hügeln taut, Wenn die Finken schlagen Und zu Neste tragen, Dann beginnt die liebe, goldne Zeit

  • corners of pieces

    Hey look. I made a non smock top. And more of the same trousers.

  • summer wardrobe

    For Astrid. Tick.

  • pfffffft

    I just wrote a huge long post and then deleted it. Better go and sort dinner out.

  • sun sun sun

    So of course we want to stay in London now. Till Autumn anyway.

  • on their way out

    Too much multi tasking today got me nowhere.

  • sun

    Today the sun came out and we walked for hours and hours.

  • some old holiday snaps

    Can’t wait for more holidays like this. Ah yes, and I deleted all my projects off Ravelry. Apologies for any dead links.

  • 8 weeks

    And the injections didn’t go down too well. Coupled with deciding not to sleep all day.