crystal clear


Today I’m thirty six. And whether I’d thought about it earlier or not it feels like a whole new beginning – stepping out of the last ten years and into today. Finishing with flickr this week was hard – it was like diving into an early summer sea – I really had to muster up all my courage to take the plunge but I felt brilliant once I’d done it.

Crystal clear in fact. And so light.

The universe has funny ways of doing things. Sometimes it can take you by surprise. And it’s not always very nice. Still, the best plan I’ve always found is to listen to what it’s saying. I’ve ignored the universe at my own peril and have a policy now to always pay attention.

And then out of the blue, today, a wonderful friend, who I’ve not seen in twenty years is taking me out – champagne, lunch and a very interesting project.

Rosie Flo book winners are: moira, victoria, and the reclusive ‘you know who’ (how could I refuse). Thanks so much to everyone who entered !!







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  1. Nicole avatar

    congrats to your winners and cheers to you ! hope your birthday was fabulous!

  2. jean avatar

    happy belated birthday!

  3. rebecca avatar

    Hope you had a lovely day!

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