We’ve been without a toaster for almost a year now. We just weren’t prepared to buy one we didn’t totally love. But the one we totally loved cost a mad fortune. However I’ve discovered that Amazon, if you wait long enough, will reduce the price on most things. So you just have to sit and watch. And wait patiently. And then, when you see it, buy it, because the price will go up again without warning.

I keep a little page of nice cookware, usually at least half off (or the stuff I’m watching), on this page in my Amazon shop.

A few people have emailed to ask if we’re ok – due to the flickr-vanishing and the comments-off here. We’re fine. Just having a little bit of quiet time. But if you want to say hi or something an email isn’t out of the question.







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  1. Nicole avatar

    i don’t think we could live w/o toast here. and from the looks of it , it seems someone there enjoys it as well! :o)
    what’s the jelly / jam she’s enjoying?

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