some old holiday snaps



Can’t wait for more holidays like this.

Ah yes, and I deleted all my projects off Ravelry.
Apologies for any dead links.



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6 responses to “some old holiday snaps”

  1. Megan avatar

    Those pumpkin photo is making me want to go on a holiday like that for the rest of my life…

  2. caroline avatar

    Yes, that makes me nostalgic for fall. But right now, I NEED spring!

    Oh, and I’m not sure if you guys go for this sort of thing, but my nephew’s band (Jukebox the Ghost) is playing in London April 17 at Club NME@Koko, and on April 28 at Water Rats. They are actually quite darling, and not “harsh” like you might expect three 23 year old boys to be. I can’t vouch for any other band they may be playing with!

  3. lies avatar

    Ha you are back. We forgive the ravelry gap, in fact we don’t have time to do rav and fli either. Yes we’ve only just had summerholdidays, but I could always do with another. Two. Or so. I love love the fabric of Edith’s pants (skirt?) X

  4. Nicole avatar

    as much as i am enjoying your photos , i too will hold off for fall , i’m in need of some serious spring and summer weather! although a permanent holiday isn’t a bad idea!

  5. olga avatar

    I’d just have to ask you not to stop blogging, unless you really need to… ) but I SO understand. didn’t delete my flickr, but didn’t put a single photo up since november… dramatically cut my online time, and it’s been great! go to the gallery for curators talks once a week instead 🙂

  6. claire avatar

    love that bottom picture, beautiful x

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