I just wrote a huge long post and then deleted it.

Better go and sort dinner out.






6 responses to “pfffffft”

  1. Nicole avatar

    I have yet to write my FIRST post. I also have dinner to figure out.

  2. melissa avatar

    hope all is well. i feel like deleting my posts most days.

  3. melissa avatar

    oh- and p.s. did you mean the loaf tin? cause if so, i think you only need to cook it a little bit longer than the round cake tin. but a friend made that cake, so i’m not 100% sure.

  4. caroline avatar

    I’ve done that. A couple of times by accident, and more times on purpose.

  5. di avatar

    Sometimes that’s what you need to do. Must admit I am enjoying the low on text, high on beautiful images blogging.

  6. gracia avatar

    Deleted posts or otherwise, your blog is charming…

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