am still not entirely sure what on earth i’m doing with myself for now.

Although I do know that when Astrid wakes up we’ll walk over to Swain’s Lane or up to South End Green for coffee.

And that I have a cupboard full of Coca Cola for the first time in my life would suggest I probably should have taken all my iron tablets instead of returning them to the pharmacy. One begins to suspect losing almost a litre of blood might actually have had quite an impact.






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  1. kdel avatar

    All the posts are great. Your blog is a nice place to visit. It is all very real stuff. By the way, I made the orange and poppy cake. It was so good. Where did you get the mug on the sofa in the pic a few posts ago? I love the shape.

  2. aga avatar

    oooooo. this post is sort of sad. hope you are well. and spring sunshine is forecast for tomorrow. xxx

  3. Heart Felt avatar

    Sounds like iron, sleep and lots of hugs are in order. Look after yourself xx

  4. Jo avatar

    Hi there, I enjoy reading your blog but haven’t commented before. I also get cravings for Coke – in all of my pregnancies I end up needing iron and craving coke. BTW, I got so much out of your post a while ago when your new baby was born – about doing what works for you and giving yourself a break. Just wanted to let you know that you’ve helped someone, I’m going to try to remember to give myself a break when my baby is born in August.

  5. Megan avatar

    You need some tlc, young Miss. Take good care of yourself.

  6. Rebecca Williams avatar

    This stuff has sorted me out since I returned from hospital with my bundle (lost 3 units and had to have transfusion) but this works really well: http://www.spatone.com/

  7. Nicole avatar

    Here on the Antepartum floor of the hospital , I too get to enjoy large daily doses of iron ,after losing 5 units of blood.
    I hope and pray you feel well soon :o)

  8. lilou avatar

    I know the problem… My French nutritionist told me to tak iron supplements of course with folic acid to fix it… but as well, lemon juice on everything and parsley as well as much as you can and nuts and goggi berries every day to fight the tireness!

    Hope you will feel better soon.

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