making muesli


I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but I’m too lazy to cut up dried fruit.

So when I bought M&S muesli that was entirely made up of dried fruit and nuts I saw my chance. In went a pile of porridge oats, several handsful of bits out of the baking tin – walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dessicated coconut. And a teaspoon of cinnamon.






7 responses to “making muesli”

  1. leslie avatar

    oh, i love good muesli. i need to start making ours again.

  2. Kaylovesvintage avatar

    I have been draming of making muesli for a long time…guess I should just do it

  3. Nicole avatar

    pure heaven! i wish this were scratch – n- taste ! it will be a long time before i enjoy any muesli. it’s not on the menu where i am stuck! :o(

  4. Alison avatar

    That sounds very, very nice. Homemade muesli is always on my list, and never gets made…

  5. claire avatar

    ooh love those jars!

  6. tiel avatar

    isn’t muesli a strange word?

    M U E S L I!!!

    anyway, i love it too. Especially with shavings of good quality chocolate. it is like finding treasures whilst eating it.


  7. Jac avatar

    Ha! I love making muesli/granola because there is such a sense of achievement for very little output and so much nicer than shop bought! 🙂

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