Month: April 2009

  • new horizons

    Today I discovered two great blogs – one a well curated visual delight, and another that captivated me with its words. Both now on my sidebar. the seventy tree famine or feast

  • sunshine

    We seem to be having summer. It’s been wonderful and gorgeous and hot. I’ve been thinking I could make a list of all the famous people we’ve seen whilst out and about over the past year which I might do one day but I thought I’d probably sound like a complete prat. Although just for…

  • sweet

    We’re in the most perfect time here. London in all its gloriousness. A big part of us doesn’t want to leave. Make that about ninety percent. But I’ve thought about it and I think it just means I’m happy. And I can carry the lovely happiness from here to there. And anywhere I choose to…

  • our London home to rent

    Not long now till we head back to Auckland, which means our lovely London cottage is available to rent from June 5th. Just 50 yards from Hampstead Heath and full of character. More details here. New tenants found – thank you!

  • warm grey

    Hello. I am busy knitting. I don’t want to stop. Apart from to go out for big long walks on the Heath and take photos in the rain. And go out with friends to Ten Ten Tei and our old pub. And wander around Soho a bit. And come home and take photos at midnight…

  • life isn’t always perfect

    But I do like these. They’ve been brewing for quite some time. Madeleine’s first birthday provided the impetus to make them at last.

  • copying just isn’t cool

    Oilily have made themselves look rather silly. Did they really think nobody would notice?

  • botanical, sometimes

    Forgot to say, I’m back on flickr – every now and again. a+b and ratsmagic.

  • note to self

    Do not buy any more fabric or yarn. Buttons and trims, well ok then. This is of course interesting timing due to my extremely close proximity to Cloth House next week. Buttons and trims. Buttons and trims.

  • a headache that lasts a week

    is a bit of an arse if you ask me. Especially when it’s combined with something über–exciting and brilliant. Maybe that’s just life. Brilliant and shit all at the same time. Image something I worked up about ten years ago one Sunday afternoon at my friend Leonie’s in Lewisham