a headache that lasts a week


is a bit of an arse if you ask me.

Especially when it’s combined with something über–exciting and brilliant.
Maybe that’s just life. Brilliant and shit all at the same time.

Image something I worked up about ten years ago one Sunday afternoon at my friend Leonie’s in Lewisham






8 responses to “a headache that lasts a week”

  1. Nicole avatar

    a definite arse! hopefully it’s gone by now:o) love the image!! so creative!

  2. fliss avatar

    Hope that headache doesnt return. I know what you mean about feeling like crap when something wonderful is going on.
    I like your image…she sure looks like she doesnt have a headache!

  3. Pauline avatar

    Poor you! That picture is stunning 🙂

  4. Jeska avatar

    hope the head is easing up a little.

  5. Nanette avatar

    I’m glad there is brilliantness along with the arse.

    Be well soon!

  6. melissa avatar

    get better soon! i missed you.

    i do love that image. i wouldn’t mind being small enough to hide amongst the leaves and grass.

  7. Jac avatar

    Yikes! A headache that lasts a week – that is an arse. Hopefully this has now gone. Love the photo it’s the kind of thing that makes you feel healthy and happy just looking at it!

  8. heleen avatar

    hope you’re better now 🙂 I bet you’re writing a book… ?

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