note to self

Do not buy any more fabric or yarn.
Buttons and trims, well ok then.

This is of course interesting timing due to my extremely close proximity to Cloth House next week. Buttons and trims. Buttons and trims.







5 responses to “note to self”

  1. Jeska avatar

    Oh yes, Cloth house is a dangerous place if you are trying to be money wise.

  2. SmitoniusAndSonata avatar

    Berwick St . is a definite no-no , then .I like the one in the Portobello Rd too . Another place to avoid , obviously . But very noble of you to try !

  3. nicole avatar

    i need to leave that note to myself , as well!:o)

  4. kimberlee avatar

    I have the same rule for myself right now and its dang hard. we are heading over to berlin in june and I don’t want to have too much fabric in storage while we are away.

  5. Caterine avatar

    ah! i should have ordered you some fabric. just to let you ‘buy’ some…

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