copying just isn’t cool


Oilily have made themselves look rather silly. Did they really think nobody would notice?






7 responses to “copying just isn’t cool”

  1. CMN avatar

    Seriously, that’s absolutely APPALLING. Thank you for posting and spreading the word. Any company that cannot respect the individual creativity of an artist… well, Oilily is definitely OFF my list from now on!

  2. lindsey clare avatar

    agreed, thanks for posting this. this kind of thing REALLY annoys me. i can’t see any reason/excuse for it.

  3. Nicole avatar

    tsk tsk oilily …i will never buy from them again!

  4. kimberlee avatar

    good spotting charlotte
    I have put this on our site too

  5. babelfish avatar

    can’t believe this, how awful! Creativity is such a personal thing, stealing isn’t cool (and from such a big company?)

  6. Diana avatar

    Wow, that is super uncool. I’ve had people knock off my original doll before, but not a big corporation.
    I had a look at their site and it seems like their standards have dropped across the board with the design of all their collections, looks like they got desperate. Maybe the ought to have hired Rosa to revamp their range in the first place.

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