warm grey



Hello. I am busy knitting. I don’t want to stop.

Apart from to go out for big long walks on the Heath and take photos in the rain. And go out with friends to Ten Ten Tei and our old pub. And wander around Soho a bit. And come home and take photos at midnight in the rain. Cloth House. An evening out at a book signing and lecture in Covent Garden. The 24 bus home. Pret hummous salad for lunch. Wardour Mews. The caf on the Heath. Earl Grey tea. Full english breakfast (after the night that included the pub).






9 responses to “warm grey”

  1. Megan avatar

    Hello. Don’t stop knitting. Or drinking Earl Grey, or eating hummous or even taking photos at midnight in the rain come to that. Maybe especially not the photos.

  2. Caroline avatar

    Beautiful blog! Stunning photography!

  3. Hally avatar

    I thought you might like this:

    It just sprung to my mind when I read your blog post:)

  4. Nicole avatar

    oh no , don’t stop , not at all! sounds like you’ve been having a glorious time!

  5. babelfish avatar

    Gorgeous shots!

  6. Jac avatar

    Oh. It sounds like a perfect day. Knitting can be so soothing once you get into the rythym – hey it’s the weekend so just keep going… 🙂

  7. lottie avatar

    it all sounds pretty good to me. isn’t the april weather lovely eh – keep enjoying things. x

  8. Henry avatar

    Yum!! Hummous Salad! Have never had that before but sounds delicious.

  9. t does wool avatar

    why if you are in the mood…don’t stop,keep right on clicking!

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