We’re in the most perfect time here. London in all its gloriousness. A big part of us doesn’t want to leave. Make that about ninety percent. But I’ve thought about it and I think it just means I’m happy. And I can carry the lovely happiness from here to there. And anywhere I choose to weave my state of mind.

Edith is marvellous and continues to be more marvellous and splendid with each day, each moment, each little second I love her more and more and more. She laughs, she coos, she talks, she gurgles, she bobs her head on my shoulder. She kicks her little cotton-tights-clad-chubby-legs. Edith has bright blue eyes. Bright as little sapphires.

Little Edith Rose. Little mini.
Little miniley moochi-o. Little miniley moochi.






12 responses to “sweet”

  1. Ann avatar

    What a beautiful girl!

  2. lies avatar

    Oh she is sweetest sweetest!!! Much love from the FOUR of us and can’t wait to have ya back!

  3. aga avatar

    beautiful girl , she has grown so much .
    what a sensitive look.

    glad all is well.

    ps did you get my email charlotte about sunday ?


  4. mariana avatar

    she’s so, so adorable, beautiful eyes. and i love the stripes (of course)

  5. Melissa avatar

    oh, those stripes!

  6. CreatureofHabit avatar

    Her face is absolutely angelic! She looks so serene, and sweet…

  7. Lindy avatar

    When the weather is beautiful here in England there is almost no better place to be- it fills my spirit. When the weather is gray and dreary for weeks and weeks and weeks it’s just awful and sucks my soul dry! LOL sorry for being so melodramatic! I’m so looking forward to the next chapter. It doesn’t need to be said but she is such a cutie!

  8. fliss avatar

    She is so gorgeous…. and its lovely to hear you are so happy 🙂

  9. di avatar

    She looks so beautiful! A round little cherub face.

  10. Kaylovesvintage avatar

    you are like me a bit..when I’m here my heart is there..so when you in NZ you will miss London and when you in…..

    guess my heart will be happy this week , we we go to the UK,lol

  11. Clare avatar

    She really is sooo beautiful.

    Wishing you guys the very best weather, so you can enjoy our fabulous England at its very best XXX

  12. MUS avatar

    what a gorgeous girl!

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