We seem to be having summer. It’s been wonderful and gorgeous and hot.

I’ve been thinking I could make a list of all the famous people we’ve seen whilst out and about over the past year which I might do one day but I thought I’d probably sound like a complete prat. Although just for Yvonne I will say I stood behind Jamie Oliver in the queue at Pomona today. Chris Martin walks up our street all the time on his way to the Heath. And there was a shooting in our street last week too. Not that anyone famous was involved but our street is now a bit notorious.

Such a gorgeous evening I think I’ll pour myself another glass of wine and finish Astrid’s new cardigan (which looks as though it’ll fit her when she’s about four).

Today was also a momentous day. Last night before I went to sleep I was informed my life would change by morning. And in the morning I wondered what it was and then Astrid turned on the radio. Without going into a very long and boring story, I’ve not had any music for about the last six years – and this morning I realised it was time for music again. Time for an ipod. I love how music changes everything.

But now I have no idea what I want to listen to apart from Chicane, Coldplay, Travis, Dido, Michael Meyer, Superpitcher and Pink Floyd. Basement Jaxx, Portishead, Chemical Brothers, The Flaming Lips, Air, Kraftwerk.

Suggestions anyone?






17 responses to “sunshine”

  1. CreatureofHabit avatar

    Hmmmm….not sure… but based on your list so far, I’d recommend:
    Sea and Cake, Tortoise, Pavement, Stereolab, Lush, My Bloody Valentine, Modest Mouse, and Cat Power.

    That a good start! 😉

  2. Yvonne avatar

    Tons of suggestions. Will send you some music before you leave. Oh and did you pinch Jamie??

  3. shannon avatar

    As your list looks a lot like our play list, I’d add The Presets, Cut Copy, Groove Armada, Architecture in Helsinki, Angus and Julia Stone..

  4. Kielz avatar

    Chris Martin?! **SWOONS** I would get him to sing you a song or 2 live…

  5. Allison avatar

    How about Sigur Ros, or Arcade Fire?

  6. Paula avatar

    I’d suggest Tunng You can listen to them for free before you buy. It’s electronic folk music, very catchy, very sweet people, and you might even see one of them walking down your street. x x x

  7. caroline avatar

    That’s fantastic!

    And yes, music does change everything!

  8. Kelly avatar

    feist, bon iver, laura marling, the national, sure i could think of more

  9. Kerry avatar

    Fanfarlo, Iron and Wine, Joanna Newsom.

  10. Kerry avatar

    I forgot to mention Tunng…also excellent.

  11. Ange avatar

    Your ipod’s going to look a lot like mine. But how about some Fleetfoxes, SJD and Dimmer?

  12. Anna avatar

    They’ve already been mentioned, but I second votes for Angus & Julia Stone, Laura Marling and Fleet Foxes.

  13. Mathilde avatar

    Thats wonderfull music! By the way, that’s what I listended some years ago!
    Now, if asked, I would suggest some ecclectical style. There might be buried treasures everywhere. Whats missing in this list, I think is daft punk. French electro is hot xxx
    Peace, sista

  14. Jeska avatar

    I was going to say fleet foxes too!

    Regina spector, Tegan and sara and The Dargeeling limited soundtrack are good too.

    happy listening

  15. kirsten avatar

    i’ve found a couple of ‘new to me’ ones lately that i am enjoying:
    howling bells
    little hells

  16. nath avatar

    how about

    the knife
    nick cave
    fuzzy felt folk

  17. claire avatar

    there’s always room for more :: lately i’m crazy about the new camera obscura, seabear, the national, the accidental, the decemberists and timber timbre.

    here’s to the summer of music 🙂

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