(muji) spree


It all began with a pair of black shoes and a navy raincoat.

Nothing like a few pieces of beautiful simple design to refresh one’s everything. I feel brilliant walking down the road in a lovely black jersey knit dress, black leggings (today indigo marle), grey cotton socks, simple shoes and a navy cotton jacket.







14 responses to “(muji) spree”

  1. annri avatar

    nothing like a good pair of shoes! and those are great! please, would you share info?

  2. Michelle avatar

    yes. Brilliant.

  3. CreatureofHabit avatar

    Absolutely brilliant! And I’m completely jealous. Oh how I miss Muji…..

  4. di avatar

    Ahhhhh Muji. Enjoy it while you can!

  5. marie avatar

    i love muji too..
    i miss it 🙁

  6. fliss avatar

    I do miss that Muji shop…you have rekindled my memory! Your outfit sounds gorgeous, enjoy those new shoes 🙂

  7. Alison avatar

    So looking forward to Muji again 🙂
    Great photo – and new clothes and the right outfit are essential for quality walking down streets.

  8. nixdminx avatar

    hey there – I told you I check out your blog this evening, it’s gorgeous and please accept my award..you can grab the image from my shabby chic blog xx

  9. melissa avatar

    hey… i recognise those lovely shoes. my feet were too big- wahh!
    they look gorgeous on you, though. hope you‘re well. x

  10. Megan avatar

    The pleasure of beautiful new things – nothing quite like it.

  11. sunny avatar

    Love this post…and love the items you describe. Your entire outfit sounds perfect.

    1. Shubhra avatar

      I have lived in this beautiful Muji pair for the last couple of years! I stupidly lost one in a bizzare moment of absent-mindedness and I long for another. Do you know if they still stock these? I can’t seem to find them on any of Muji’s online shops. Any leads will be great! Cheers!

      1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

        Hello – I sold my last pair that I never wore! If it’s any consolation they were very squeaky 🙂

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