everything all in good (Astrid) time


Sometimes as parents we wonder whether Astrid shouldn’t be doing this, or that. Because everyone else’s children are, and have been, for ooh – well at least this long.

But Astrid – no way. Astrid is all about Astrid time. Expert at digging in the heels. Expert at immovable. Astrid will not do anything she doesn’t want to do.

No way.


We told you how Astrid can shake her head no no no nope nope. No. No Absolutely not. Definitely No. You know we had to invent the Astrid Wiggle so she could find a way to say yes. Now it’s more a dance and a little song than yes. But if something really good comes along the Astrid Wiggle tells us so.

But Astrid can now Say Yes. Only when she feels like it. Often Astrid will still shake her head when we think she might possibly mean yes. And when she asks for something she’ll shake her head as in, no. I know I’m asking but you’ll probably say no. So it’s no? Right? No? Yeah? Shaking head. No? Right? Can I? No?

But all of a sudden. Astrid is now VERY interested in all the things we lamented she’d never want to do. Like cleaning her teeth. Like washing her hands. Washing her face. Using the potty. Washing her hair. Cutting her nails. Cutting her fringe even. All now wanted, and asked for.

All the No’s. All the No’s are now yesses and can we pleases.
All thank you to a nice new facecloth.

And a little bit of Astrid time.






7 responses to “everything all in good (Astrid) time”

  1. nicole avatar

    Astrid perfect :O)

  2. Clare avatar

    Astrid time sounds just perfect to me : )

  3. heleen avatar

    I so know what you mean; only tonight my 2-year old let me wash the brown crust of dirt from his hairline that’s been building up for the last year i think. before it was like you say, no way. jose. 🙂

  4. Jeska avatar

    Astrid is such a delight clean teeth or not. : )

  5. lies avatar

    YES. Yes. And the no’s are just as no-ish at three years old. Love that gorgeous photo of Astrid : she is just the way she IS. Many a kiss!

  6. di avatar

    Oh we’re just starting to get into the whole no thing now. It’s doing our heads in- he’s been so easy and compliant thus far. Now it’s “No” to everything we ask, even if we know it’s what he wants. It’s all no, no, no, no.
    So it’s very nice to be reminded that it is just a phase, that they do grow out of it, in their own time.

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