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Lovely styles of London living spaces at amazon.jp

Just after edith was born I was emailed out of the blue by a japanese journalist asking if I would like to be interviewed and for them to photograph our house for a book on London interiors.

And here it is a few months later – by a very strange coincidence it arrived the exact day we moved out – our humble little home – in print.  There’s also a little cushion tutorial at the back which I forgot to photograph in my one hour off babies and children to cram in as much blogging and flickring as I could.

We spent a Very Long Time getting the place ready for the shoot. Edith was all of four weeks old and I’d have never managed it without Kevin’s help. Yvonne rallied around and sent the message – dust and vacuum, buy flowers and fruit and you’ll be fine.

I feel quite sad about our little Hampstead cottage that we’ll never live there again. So far I miss the oven most. The hot little oven that would bake a cake to perfection in 35 minutes, oven fries in 12. Perfect roast potatoes in 30, roast pumpkin in 15. And the best pork crackling ever. Ever.

Oh, and the other London Charlotte is in it too. It’s nice having a friend there to keep each other company. Another friend who’s leaving her little house very soon too.

Thank you Saya, Aya, Kevin, Yvonne and Lottie for saying yes!

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4 responses to “a little book”

  1. claire avatar

    oh yay! i can’t wait to get my hands on this book.


  2. Yvonne avatar

    My copy is ordered and I’ll wait patiently but really excited. It looks good from here :o)

  3. erin avatar

    how wonderful!
    good luck getting settled in your new space.

  4. Rachael avatar

    How wonderful. It looks great. And love your nail polish… Safe travels.

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