camp richmond

Here we are a week later. We’ve sorted and sold and thrown away and packed. The cats are in Auckland already. We’re at my brother’s in Richmond another week.

It’s a bit of a utopia once one hits the river path. On Sunday we walked to St Margarets village and down to the playground. It was raining and we thought it would be lovely to wander home. The plink plonk of raindrops on the calm river. Families in raincoats rowing long narrow dinghies up to the pebbly beaches along the riverside where canopies of emerald branches give shelter.

The train goes by at the end of the garden every ten minutes or so. It’s a sweet little train from St Margarets that sort of just goes whoosh in a nice quiet fashion.

Also, I know in general I’m pretty crap at replying to questions and things – so… the white mugs from ages ago are from Skandium. I think they’re ittala. The painting in our Mt Albert house is by Elspeth Hitchings – my old drama teacher – and one day I promise I’ll write up my risotto recipe.

And thank you all very much for reading and commenting – I appreciate it so much. I’ve been a bit pre-occupied with stuff of late but I’m planning on being here more, writing more, taking more photos – yes, a bit more being here.






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