my perfect garden



Just down the road a little old lady has a wonderful meadow garden. Ours never had the chance to establish itself but this is exactly what we’re after. Vegetables in amongst the flowers and flowers everywhere. Perfect!

I felt a little bit naughty taking photos so these don’t quite capture the full magnificence of it all.

Two of my other favourite gardens are this one and this one.






8 responses to “my perfect garden”

  1. Melissa avatar

    oh, if only . . .

  2. tiel avatar

    if I let my grass grow long enough I could pretend.

    my inlaws have an amazing garden like that.

  3. Iris avatar

    Oooh, this looks like the kind of garden I’d love to have myself!

  4. Kaylovesvintage avatar

    beautiful…love it

  5. SmitoniusAndSonata avatar

    That’s beautiful! I agree ….I feel awkward taking photos of someone’s house or garden too . But sometimes I just have to !

  6. nicole avatar

    it’s almost like a secret garden …

  7. Michelle avatar

    oooh – perfect indeed. I have big plans for my garden….. one day 🙂

  8. Regina avatar

    I love the two mixed as well. I planted cosmos and zinnias in my garden last year and it was so pretty. This year I didn’t think I would have enough room with all my extra vegs so I didn’t replant. However, some reseeded themselves so they are popping up here and there. Mine is not as pretty as the ones you photographed though… hopefully someday.

    (By the way, I’m a lurker who couldn’t pass this post up. :))

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