To the islands indeed



We’d never have guessed how prophetic that particular blog title would be and if you’d told us a week ago we’d be moving out to waiheke for two months, well, we probably would have believed you – but we certainly wouldn’t have thought of it ourselves. Not then anyway.

But we did a few days ago (think of it). And the next day we found ourselves, the kids, the cats and all our stuff in a car, on the car ferry on our way to a little cottage in Little Oneroa. A cottage with a dualit toaster and gas cooker – that was enough to convince us – a little cottage just a few minutes walk from a beautiful beach – and a few more minutes up the road to the local shops. There’s a lovely organic general store, a butcher and a closed-for-winter junk shop (damn!).

So here we are. On island time for two months.

Timeline of recent events: Friday, land at lunchtime. Saturday, coffee and danishes at our favourite little spot at cheltenham. Sunday, find our little cottage, visit Campbell and Ande – the beginning of the virus. Monday, still all sick, pack up, go to Waiheke. Tuesday, eat eye fillet which we’ve been waiting for for a whole year, everyone well again.

We get broadband on Saturday – currently sitting in a cafe – so if you haven’t heard from me I’ll be catching up on emails over the weekend. Thank you T and H !! And L I will email you to catch up soon xx







17 responses to “To the islands indeed”

  1. Hannah avatar

    Ahhh Waiheke ….I love Waiheke – it is so beautiful and you will have lots to write about living here I’m sure! looking forward to catching up:)

  2. Nicky at Not My Mother avatar

    Oh! Sounds so idyllic! You had me at dualit toaster. Wish I was there. Welcome home.

  3. Clare avatar

    Waiheke Island is one of my favourite places on this planet.Beautiful indeed.So glad you are back and not sick and all is lovely.Lunch at Mud Brick one day perhaps? : )

  4. Jussi avatar

    you know I lived in a little house in Rocky Bay for 8 years!

    Welcome home

  5. fliss avatar

    Ohhh! I cant tell you how much i would like to be there for 2 months. We only spent 10 days on Waiheke which was meant to be 4 but M got the chicken pox so we stayed put!
    I often check the real estate pages on waiheke mmmmm. Bummer about the junk shop being closed…he sells amazing retro fabric!
    Enjoy your island days and take care, glad to hear you are all feeling better.x

  6. tiel avatar

    did I leave a comment? I can’t remember. Glad your travels are going well and you are getting closer to ‘home’. glad the package arrived, so nice to see a familiar face staring up at me.

  7. Heart Felt avatar

    Welcome home! xx

  8. kdel avatar

    Wow! How did that happen?

  9. melissa avatar

    we have good friends from waiheke and i’ve always wanted to live there. 🙂
    welcome home, c and family! enjoy your island time. xx

  10. hanna avatar

    Welcome home to you! Sounds like a perfect little cottage. A lovely way to settle back in indeed.

  11. Megan Rose avatar

    How wonderful! I look forward to you getting broadband and sharing your adventures on the island.

  12. kimberlee avatar

    enjoy your island adventure, sounds really fantastic apart from catching a virus. Are you guys moving back to your mt albert house? the kiddos are looking gorgeous these days:)

  13. Jeska avatar

    glad you all arrived safely. Can’t wait to hear more.

  14. heleen avatar

    welcome home! enjoy your time on beautiful waiheke.

  15. Joanne avatar

    Good to know you are back. Enjoy Waiheke. I’ve never been there. Also good to know you like raspberry couli. I still have some frozen berries from this season. Are you still doing a bit of design work? Would like to catch up with you.

  16. Christy avatar

    …i live on waiheke (bottom of korora rd)and have two young children so if you need any local goss/info happy to help out… christy (ph 2220)

  17. Jasmine avatar

    a couple of months on Waiheke is a lovely home coming. Close to all that good local wine!

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