Month: July 2009

  • why

    Have I never looked here before?

  • gremlins in the blog

    Hmm. Maybe it’s Marge giving me a clue as to her whereabouts across the ether – but aside from that I have no idea why my blog keeps defaulting back to the WordPress theme!

  • Missing: Marge the jack rabbit

    Our very loved family rabbit Marge has gone missing. Marge is no ordinary rabbit, she’s a Love Creature Jack Rabbit and is an avid quilter with a large collection of fabric. She spends her time scouring vintage shops and garage sales and also has a large scissor collection. We’ve not had her long but she’s…

  • knitting in the south seas

    Ooooh. Thank you to Miss Esther of Toggle I heard about South Seas Knitting. Look! We can buy Habu! In Nyoo Zillund. Look! I bought my first ever Habu. It’s pink. And a pretty box set of cards for taking on the ferry and knitting lace. Just because I have nothing else to do I…

  • Busy doing not very much at all

    Although I have taken a few photos. And walked in the rain. And on the beach. And up and down our hill a lot. Up to Oneroa. And back. A lot. We’ve been into town once on the ferry. Much of the time we’ve been damp but warm – and the pantry’s now fully stocked.…