Busy doing not very much at all




Although I have taken a few photos. And walked in the rain. And on the beach. And up and down our hill a lot. Up to Oneroa. And back. A lot. We’ve been into town once on the ferry. Much of the time we’ve been damp but warm – and the pantry’s now fully stocked.

We acquired a second hand baby backpack thing to carry Edith around in but Astrid’s commandeered it so Edith is currently being transported up and down to the beach in a securely knotted pashmina while Astrid gracefully bobs up and down on her carriage like a burmese Princess.

We also discovered this shop via daddytypes. God bless them.



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9 responses to “Busy doing not very much at all”

  1. ulli avatar

    i love your photo’s. they make me take a deep breath…….

  2. Anna Caroline avatar

    Stunning photos. Hope you are having a good time 🙂

    /Anna Caroline
    Design Studio 210

  3. Jeska avatar

    this is the best kind of busy sometimes. The commandeering of the sling sounds like something I would have done as a child!

  4. Maribeth avatar

    I’ve been enjoying your photos. Our beach holiday is coming up in August. Can’t wait.

  5. tina avatar

    i see you’re fully living the island life. doing nothing is so much more fun when the ocean is near, isn’t it? it just goes so well together.

  6. claribell avatar

    ‘bobbing up and down on her carriage like a burmese Princess…’ sounds like a nice way to travel on a sunny winter day

  7. Christy avatar

    hope you’re out and about enjoying the blue sky now. as much as i love the island in the gloom (and in a decent storm), it really does sparkle on a sunshiney day.

  8. Megan avatar

    Lovely winter island light.

  9. claire avatar

    oh lovely! i’m so happy you are all having such a wonderful time. what i would give to squish my toes in some soft sand.

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